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Freaking out - little red itchy, burning "bites"?! HELP!

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Hey Jaime, this happened to me too when I went tanning in a lie-down bed. I switched to a stand up bed and the rash/allergic reaction cleared up. I though it was my lotion until I tried several different lotions and concluded that they weren't the problem. It is my belief that I was having a reaction to the cleaning solution they use on the lie down beds and I was getting this rash wherever I would lay. Almost immediately after I switched to stand up, the rash cleared up and I haven't had a problem since. I would try this. Hopefully it will help you. Let us know if you figure out what is causing this, I am so sorry this is happening, I know how itchy and excruciating it is. sad.gif

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Originally Posted by mummergirl View Post
you could try a topical benedryl cream in conjuction with the pill kind
im actually allergic to sunburns (thanks a lot, mom and dad!) and over the years i have learned from many docs you are NOT supposed to combine multiple methods of antihistamine.

unfortunatley i dont remember WHY not, but it even says on the labels of the products not to combine with other like products. one at a time.

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