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Magen's Bay

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Has any one has been to Magen's Bay?


I vaguely recall that they have a area to get ready on the beach, is this true? If so, did you see it/use it?


I'm working on my time line for the day. I'm getting married at approx. 6pm - this might be changing a little earlier though depending on the photos and how fast they go. So far, I've decided to do the TTD photos just before the wedding, then change into my real dress for the wedding (all while not telling anyone that the TTD is not my wedding dress - that way, it's a still a surprise) .


This is what I have worked out so far:

4:00 - Scott to take photos of Crystal getting ready with the bridal party.

4:30 - Crystal and David Take Bride and Groom Photos

5:00 - Crystal, Dave and the Wedding Party take photos

5:15 - Crystal, Dave, Wedding Party and parents take photos

5:30 - Crystal, Dave, Wedding party, all family and friends take group photos

5:45 - Crystal and Dave get ready for wedding

6:00 - Wedding

6:15 - A few additional photos in real dress.

7:00 - Dinner at Mafolie's


I know how my photographer works - I've assisted him (I'm also a photographer) but depending on the dressing area at Magen's Bay, I'd like to get ready there and all that. Is this feasible?


Sorry for the long post!

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Crystal, all I've ever seen at Magens Bay is the public restroom. Your wedding coordinator should have that information for you.


I think your TTD plan is great fun! You're smart to take most of the pictures before the ceremony so you don't have to worry about losing the light before the photographer is done.


That's a tidy little schedule you've got there. I'm impressed.

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You should see the guests schedule! I did theirs 15 minutes earlier - my mom is going to be late to her own funeral - and that way, the late people will really be on time!


For the 15-30 minutes before the ceremony, I'm having my photographer take photos of everyone there, for us and for them. Thank god he's a personal friend of my mans!



I can always get dressed in my hotel, but do you remember if the restrooms had mirrors and electricity or not? It's not a big deal. I can always take my adapter and use my curling iron in the car to fix little hairs that uncurl and use a travel mirror for make up touch ups LOL

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