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Difference in Wedding Time Pics Negril, Jamaica

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I chose a 4:00pm slot because of the special arrangement I have with my photographer. Also the almanac says the sunset starts around 5:30 for the time of year my wedding is and I'm hoping to get some beautiful pictures around the resort with the family after the ceremony.


When I saw those pictures I started second guessing myself but even though there is a 10:00am slot open that day I'm going to stick with my initial decision and hope for the best. That and the location I'm getting married at has a slightly different set up than the beach at CSA.


So here's me crossing my fingers.....

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I'm sure it will be fine-honestly I think my photographer will do such a good job with whatever we end up with that I'll be happy. Besides, I'll be way to giddy to notice the color of the ocean :-)


Thanks for posting the pictures though, there's nothing worse than having an expectation of something then finding out it's different. At least if I know the ocean might not be as blue I won't be disappointed.

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