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We have contacted a company who is going to professionally create our boarding pass style invites (I am not craft-talented at ALL, although I am jealous of those of you who are! - your invites are gorgeous!!), however we found these save the date cards that were REALLY inexpensive, and cute, but we would hand write our information into them (they just say "save the date" and then have two or three blank lines.


I was going to write something like XXX and XXX's wedding in Jamaica, Jan XX 2010 (and then include the web address for our wedding website, which has travel details). We got some sand from a local beach a few months ago, and we were going to put some sand in each of the envelopes too.. we thought it would be cute but..


Is this tacky? Be totally honest...

(how many of you hand wrote your STD's/invites?)


thanks!! :)

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I think your idea is really cute but I would skip the sand. There could be other cute ideas to incorporate it that won't have sand falling all over people when they open the envelope, just a thought. You could even get a cool stamp you like, a glue stamp pad and then sprinkle the sand over the stamp area and it will stick. I have not seen anyone on here who has hand written their STD but I am sure some people have. I know I just have crappy hand writing so I couldn't do it. I say do a test run and see how you like it!



I am doing the boarding pass STD's and I thought they looked so difficult and they actually ended up being pretty easy. All you have to do is get a template and add a couple fonts from dafonts.com. Print them on a nice thicker paper and cut them out and put your touches on the ticket jacket. So don't be discouraged if you want to try doing something creative. If are interested pm me your email I can send you step by step instructions on how to make them and attach the templates I got off here. I will probably be spending around $75 to $100 to make mine and they can be made even cheaper than that.

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