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Only having an AHR...what's do I do about STD's, invites, etc?

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I am having a private ceremony in Jamaica (just FI and I). We both have enormous families, but want a mellow ceremony, so having a big bash when we get back is kinda the best of both worlds for us. So since we don't need invites for the actual wedding, and just the AHR, what do I do in this situation as far as STDs? And then do I send a formal invitation as well? If so, when do I send these? If our wedding is in April '10 and the AHR is in May '10, what would the timing be if I needed to send both? Or is just the actual invite enough for the AHR?? Also, should I be sending a separate engagement announcement earlier? This is kinda a unique situation and any advice would be great!



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We're doing the same thing, private ceremony, big AHR 2 weeks after we get home. I really didn't have the time for a save the date, but I think save the dates are only "required" if you're inviting people to the DW (it allows to have more notice to plan, save money, etc. to take a trip rather than simply drive to an event somewhere locally). I sent a "save the date" email to the guests we'd be inviting from out of state, but everyone else is only getting the formal invitation.


Here's my timeline:


Mail invites: May 15

RSVP deadline: July 1

Wedding in DR: July 8

AHR: August 1


Here's the wording I used on our invite:


Your Name


His Name


Are pleased to announce we will be

married in a private ceremony

Wednesday, the eighth of July 2009

in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.


We invite you to join us for a

wedding celebration when we return

as husband and wife.


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Seven oâ€clock in the evening

Event Location

Street Address

City, State/Province



RSVP by July 1, 2009 to: email address

Visit wedding website for more information.


Hope that all helps! Good luck!!

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Thanks eloping! I was also wondering how to do the AHR invitations as well as announcements of our "engagement/wedding"smile03.gif

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