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Planning a vacation to new orleans

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Originally Posted by MegaShay View Post
I was born in N.O. and still have family there, so I visit quite a bit. We're going to have my bach party there actually! First, I have to warn you that it's going to be VERY hot and muggy in August, but you probably know that. :) If you want the real N.O. experience, stay on Bourbon or somewhere in the French Quarter. There are tons of great restaurants and bars there, plus all the live music you could want. One of my favorite things to do just outside N.O. is take a tour of the plantation homes - absolutely gorgeous.
i thought about it and since you are saying it will start researching again. Thanks for all of the suggestions and will keep you all up dated

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we went to NOLA last year for jazz fest. had a total blast. we stayed at the international boutique hotel and got a great deal. the pictures on the website don't exactly do it justice

we mostly did jazz fest and since we know people that live there, just hung out with them. but we did the french quarter one night which was fun and a must.

also, make sure you go to cafe du monde for coffee and beignets. yummy! and if you can to mother's for a po' boy.

i also did the swamp tour when i was a kid and it was super fun. on our next visit we will be doing that for sure.

have fun!

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We are going to NO in 2 weeks for our babymoon (Great minds Kat!). I have been about 8-9 times and it's SO my fav city in the US.


The Omni is a nice hotel. We are staying at the Soniat House this time.


Swamp/river tours are fun. I like the Aquarium too. A lot of your time can be spent just sitting in the square people watching.


The main reason we go is for the food.

Here is our list for this trip. Some I haven't been to so I don't know that they are all awesome.


Commander's Palace

Cafe du Monde




Trolley Stop

Parkway bakery (po'boys)

Central Grocery

NOLA Grocery

Rambla Cochon














I love KPauls. Best pecan sweet potato pie ever. Also Brennans is good for breakfast - good bananas foster. Court of Two Sisters has good brunch. Mr. B's is good for dinner. Willie Mae's for fried chicken. Mothers has good po-boys.


Hope this helps!

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Cafe du Monde is a must. I love their beignets! Careful with all the powdered sugar though...I was there on a windy day and it was flying everywhere!

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Oh you're going to have a great time. We always go for the Essence Music Festival & we usually stay at the Maison Dupuy which is in the French Quarter. I agree that you should definitely consider hotels in the French Quarter.

While the Intercontinental isn't in the French Quarter, DH has stayed there in the past & liked it.


In terms of food, you must, must, must go to Brennan's for breakfast or brunch. If you like Banana's Foster that is the place to try it. Cafe DuMonde is also a must. If you like coffee & beignets you'll love it there!


I also agree with the Commanders Palace & Mothers. In the past, the line to get into Mothers is crazy long so make sure you research that to see if the lines are still long.


I almost forgot, The Court of Two Sisters!!! Oh man, you have to go there too! I loved it there! You are sooo making me want to go this year!


Oh, gotta go to Pat O'briens & have a hurricane!


In terms of tours, if you're into aquariums there's the Aquarium of the America's. If you're into trying your luck at gambling I think Harrah's has a casino. And ofcourse you can also go on a river cruise or on a Plantation tour.


You can also try the House of Blues. Sometimes they have live entertainment. You can always check to see whats going on there at night.

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