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What should I do?

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#11 jawedding

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    Posted 07 May 2009 - 06:58 PM

    Thank you So much to everybody who responded! I was nervous to post, but it was so nice to hear from you guys and get some opinions and some "I know how you feel's".. I still don't know what we're going to do, but either way, the prospect of wedding planning with all of you on this board is really exciting!
    33 People Booked!!

    #12 CherylMc

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      Posted 07 May 2009 - 07:41 PM

      hey sweetie - message me soon - we will chat - I know it will work out and if you paid her her she should get you the best deal - or i can refer you to someone too - let me knwo what you want to do - and its hard I know trying to have lots of people there for your day - but the important ones wont miss it and maybe it will only be a few. But thats ok - have a party when you get back and have your day how you want it! thats the #1 thing:)

      #13 KristieF

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        Posted 08 June 2009 - 05:19 PM

        I think we can all relate to your problems, I know I can for sure!!!! I went through the same issues, my FI didn't want to ask people to spend too much and I had a really hard time reconciling that with that fact that I wanted our wedding to be somewhere nice. It took me months to find somewhere I felt was a reasonable price ($1500 - $1800 per person, depending on the city they are departing from) and that people would feel it was money well spent on (i.e. a nice place they would take a vacation to, not just a place they got stuck at because of our wedding!) I *hope* I have found this in ROR, I will only know for sure in November! After a while I think you have to just make a choice, there are good and bad reviews of every resort - tripadvisor.com was becoming the death of me! Just go with your gut and what you want, because it is so true what others have said - in the end the people who want to come will be there regardless of whether it's an extra $100 or something. Once the destination and date are booked, things will go much more smoothly - I found that potion of the process to take a few stressful months, but now I'm not ready to pull out my hair anymore

        And just one more thing about the travel agent - that totally is their job to help you, so don't stress at all about that! I am kicking myself for not booking through the travel agent that I found to be so helpful, but her price was a little more. Now we had to change our departure date and everyone has to pay $50 more, so in the end we are paying the same price we were quoted from the "good" TA and I so wish we had booked with her in the first place! It is a nightmare trying to get information from the one we went with, so for your own sanity if you don't like the one you have been using, do yourself a huge favour and switch. It is their job to help you, and it takes a lot of back and forth to get everything booked!

        Good luck with your planning!!!

        #14 MissyR

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          Posted 08 June 2009 - 05:32 PM

          If it's any consolation - it took me 5 months to choose a hotel because I was worried about cost and we had guests flying from Toronto and Calgary. In the end - ours was about 1825 pp out of toronto and over 2000 pp out of Calgary. As Jill pointed out in her earlier post - people aren't going to choose to go or not for a difference of 200 or 300 hundred bucks..

          I was worried nobody would come because of the cost and we had 58 guests. Just given plenty of notice and everything will work out!

          #15 jennie

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            Posted 09 June 2009 - 09:06 AM

            I would just keep talking to your TA and research the prices on your own. My TA messed up on prices and ended up having to give us the lesser of the price quotes. Remember, she's working for you and should be getting the best prices. I've had to "babysit" my TA, but have gotten the offered deals by doing so.
            I've booked the RPTB, Jamaica for our DW. If you're worried about finding a date.... keep in mind that you should place a date/time request with them first and then book your DW/vaca. dates around it. I left this up to the TA to do at first and she slacked on it. I ended up doing it myself and they responded quite promptly in about 3/4 days. So, don't stress too much.
            Chose your resort and just email the WC at the resort with a request for your DW date/time and then notify you TA of it. YOU have to confirm your wedding request, not the TA anyways by email. Then, the Riu will eamil you a confirmation doc that you print and bring with you when you arrive.
            Good Luck!

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