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My amazing engagement story

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June of 2006 I decided that my then boyfriend and I should probably get our families together soon - I had a feeling we would be getting engaged soon.

His birthday is in September so I decided a surprise party for him - with both of our families there - sounded perfect... and so the planning started.

Months and months of sneaking around him and working out all of the details with his parents and mine.

Finally September 1st 2006 had arrived. I even took the day off to prepare the hall and some of the food!

He was so surprised (or so I thought) and the party was a blast. I believe the turn out was about 90 people!

Well, Mike get's on this microphone... which I did not even know was there... and says thank you to everyone for coming... bla, bla, bla...

Then gets down on one knee - in front of all of those people - and asks me to marry him smile159.gif How amazing!!!!

Of course I said YES... and later found out he had known about the party since day one!

He really got me!

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Aww - that's perfect!! Did he ever tell you how he ended up finding out? Who are the other culprits in this story?!? lol. I love that he played along and you were the one that ended up surprised!

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Aparently everyone knew that it was really my surprise!!!

His sister and he were discussing engagement rings around the same time the party planning started... and she told him she had a "great idea"... lol


Great it was!

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