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Welcome Home Reception Invites..

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We are having a welcome home party / reception on jun 20, a few weeks after we get back. we live in a coastal town, so we are just going to make it a casual southern seafood "low country boil", fried oysters, corn bread, etc. and do it at our house. Show the wedding video for all those who couldnt come to the wedding, and have pics displayed throughout. beer and wine and basic liquor, and a friend hooked us up with a great guy that sings and plays guitar.

So.. how should I word my invitationhuh.gif I want it to be a good balance between a formal wedding invitation and the casual atmosphere we want at the party.

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On my reception invite, I wrote:

During a beautiful afternoon ceremony

overlooking the Caribbean Sea

?(your name) and ? (his name)

exchanged marriage vows

on ?(whatever date)

in ?(city), Jamaica


To celebrate this joyous occasion

you are invited to a reception (BBQ? whatever)

to honour the newlyweds

on ?(date)

at the ?(location)


We put the words on a photo that was taken in Jamaica. So, it wasn't too formal of a card.


Hope that helps.

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We are doing the same thing...June 20th also!


We worded our invites:


May 12, 2009

A special day indeed

Two hearts and souls

Joined together on the beach

God was with us, in sun and in sea

So here's announcing the marriage of

Ryan and Stephanie!


Ryan and Stephanie were married in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Please join us to celebrate the

union of these two hearts.





We printed them on a photo of a palm tree on the beach during sunset.


We are sending them out this weekend so they will arrive on our wedding day (hopefully) :)


Good luck and have fun!!

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We are having a home reception 2 weeks after we get back from Jamaica. SInce we will have to send out invites before we leave to get married, I worded my invites:

(our full names)

On October 10, 2009 will will be married in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Please join us upon return for a celebratory luncheon.

(date, time, ect)


I also liked this wording because we are just having a nice lunch at a private room in a restaraunt. I do not want my greedy relatives to expect a extravagant affair with open bar and dancing. That was one of the things I was trying to avoid by havind a DW in the first place!

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