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Congrats to you on your engagement!


I don't have a suggestion for a place but one of the things we did was send out our invitations with a very early due day (last December 1). We arranged it with our travel agent so that our guests could put down a small deposit ($150 USD) with the remainder due in April. We never messed with STDs at all. We just really talked it up after the invitations went out and really pushed people to put their deposit down if they were at all interested. This also allowed our guest to pay it off monthly up till the due date or cancel up till then. We did start out with about 30 rooms and 60 plus people . Unfortunately, the economy/job loss, violence in Mexico, and the swine flue this year dwindled it down but we still have a good number coming and everyones trip is now paid for. AND fortunately, it looks like a lot of that stuff is over with and some of our people have said they may rejoin our group if they can still get in.


Hope this helps with an option. I have heard a lot of feedback from our guests that they liked it this way.

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Thanks for all of your suggestions!


I spoke to a TA and she suggested Cozumel for its cost effectiveness and value for $$. Has anyone had any experience with any of the Cozumel resorts?

My MOH stayed at the Windham earlier this year and said it was fabulous.





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