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Kits55 Pro Pic Teasers

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Thanks everyone! :) I am pretty pleased so far!


Foxytv, my photog is a local guy (Kansas City area) named Steve Melvin. I worked out a trade for him and his assistant to have them shoot Friday night, Saturday for the wedding, and Sunday's TTD session. I think we ended up saving a lot in the end by doing it that way because otherwise we would have had to pay their hotel, airfare, ground transportation and STILL pay for the hours they worked.

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Originally Posted by Ottawa Bride View Post
Your pictures are awesome! Where did you get the 'Gracias' parasol?
Ottawa Bride: I purchased a 12 pack of parasols at Oriental Trading (Party supplies, crafts, party decorations, toys: Oriental Trading) for $29.99. I then used a projector, my fiance, dull pencil, very thin black marker, black acrylic shimmer paint, and a small brush, narrow, hard bristled brush.

Here is a thread on the steps to making your own. It was not as bad as I thought it was going to be...especially if you have help :) http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t3273
i think the different methods that other girls used start on page 5 or maybe.

Here is a thread that discusses the quality of the OT parasols.


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