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Anyone else marrying/married to a workaholic?

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#11 Ginalyn

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    Posted 05 May 2009 - 01:07 PM

    My FI is a workaholic! He works for a big consulting firm so on top of normal work he is very involved in internal-firm activities like community service and firm events. This past weekend, FI woke me up very early in the morning (we live together). He couldn't fall back asleep bc he said he woke up and started thinking about this new project he was on and wanted to talk about it. UGH - I was grumpy all morning bc he woke me up. LOL

    I am guilty of it too sometimes though...I check my blackberry when I get home from work to see if I might need to crank up the laptop at night...it's just the nature of my job. Most of the time I don't work at night but once or so a week I stay up late.

    #12 Hartyt509

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      Posted 05 May 2009 - 05:05 PM

      Mine isn't a workaholic but I hardly see him because of his job lol I think it's great, if he was here all the time i'd want to murder him lol

      Mind I will have to check my emails every day while I'm away but that'll be my excuse to get away lol

      #13 egsarah

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        Posted 07 May 2009 - 10:48 PM

        UUUGHH I totally feel your pain. When FI and I started dating he was working a bare minimum of 60 hrs a week. It was insane! He would come over for dinner and litterally grunt at me he was so tired. Couldn't even get the words out. (We totally laugh about this now) He's still a workaholic but we've found ways to balance. I just get REALLY upset when he works so hard and then gets screwed over by the company.

        He has promised to NOT bring his laptop or blackberry to Mexico..we'll see... I just can't see him parting with them. I swear they are extra appendages now! Although, like a lot of you have said its way better than having him be lazy and not motivated.

        #14 CrystalM

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          Posted 27 May 2009 - 02:37 AM

          Funny story:

          Last summer we went on vacation to my moms for a week. She lives in Canada. We get charged international rates for phone conversations from there. He told and emailed EVERYONE at his work to email him only, he would check them 2 times a day (Great start to a vacation!!). No phone calls unless it's an EMERGENCY.

          The 1st day of the vacation, he gets a call at 4 am from one of his guys telling him that he's stuck in Boston due to weather and can't make it to work.

          At 7am Central time (Ontario is Eastern) the CEO calls him. Here's the dialog:

          CEO "Dave, did I wake you?"
          Dave " No, Brian did that at 4am"
          CEO "Oh, okay, good"
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          #15 Jenamie

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            Posted 27 May 2009 - 02:51 AM

            workaholic no
            BUT being he is military he is married to his work and I get to play mistress on the side, I know the military and our country come before me and my needs and wants... I know this all too well because I have been in the military for the past 4 years myself, though I'll be out when we get married

            We are both addicted to our computers though, me to forums and an MMORPG (online computer game)
            And he writes a web commic

            So both our laptops will be with us and we have internet in the beach houses we are staying in for the wedding pluss we have internet accsess at the resort for our honeymoon part one, though honeymoon part two is at a gaming/comic convention so we *might* can put down the laptops for that weekend hahaha

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