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Feeling Guilty about having a wedding in Maui?

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I have to find my planning thread which lists everything. But off the top of my head we included:


Bottled water from Costco

Various snacks from Costco

Hand Sanitizer


Flip Flop sticky notes


First Aid Kits

Coin Purses

Travel size: immodium, pepto bismol, tylenol, advil



Kids bags:



Make your own bracelet packs

Magnet packs



Beach Balls

Flip Flop sticky notes





Originally Posted by Cotton114 View Post

Chiquita, I am putting together (or trying to) my OOT bag stuff....what all did you include?? Thanks so much!

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We were made to feel guilty by my fiance's parents (who originally said they wouldn't go). It hurt John incredibly, but he said this was the wedding we wanted and that was that! His parents eventually changed their minds.


Our reasoning for having a Destination Wedding was that we didn't want a big hoohaa. We wanted something simple and memorable for everyone. By going away for a week and have an intimate party, we will be able to spend quality time with everyone, instead of a few moments when we drop by their tables. You know what I mean?


Even in "this economy," we have plenty of folks going! Everyone wants an excuse for a vacation... and they'd have to spend the money to come and stay even if we had a local wedding. We'll have an At Home Reception to make it up to those that aren't there... it's amazing how much cheaper prices are for things when the word "wedding" isn't attached. lol


Have a wonderful wedding the way you want it!

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