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Negril Bride2Be


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Hi all - Newbies, Les + Lynda here. Married Dec 27/1969, we're shooting for our 40th anniversary this year.....hmmm doesn't feel THAT long!


We're Canadian baby-boomer expats who celebrated our 30th anniversary by throwing a "millennium bash" on the beach in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Now we live here full time - who says wishes don't come true??!?


Best of luck to all the couples planning their destination wedding celebration.....understand you guys well! and the attraction of enhancing your special occasion with that special location.


Getting there is half the fun.....enjoy, be happy + take good care of yourselves n each other....... Les + Lynda :) ;}

Our Dominican Republic - beach resort living in Caribbean paradise

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Hey Tiff n Tammy - thx for the warm welcome to this site. Being new here, still have lots to check out and find our best fit.

First impressions have me thinking it's a uniquely supportive community, and one that's mutually beneficial to spend time in.

Looking forward to learning more......hasta luego from the sunny Caribbean, Cabarete DR

Lynda :)

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