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Gran Bahia Principe

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#21 Bing & Win Win

Bing & Win Win
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    Posted 24 July 2009 - 11:07 AM

    Good Morning All,

    My fiance and I are HOPEFULLY going to be there from March 5-12, 2010. Air Transat Holidays have cancelled our dates on us TWICE now and changed our departure gate TWICE (once being to a different province). Anyways, hopefully the dates will stick now because it's not fun to have to keep updating all of your guests after the invitations go out and now have the wrong dates on them. And, it's a pain in the butt for the ones that have already booked. We've just lost 4 of our guests because the new dates are no longer duable. I'm so bummed....as one of them was one of my bridesmaids.

    Anyways, we got a great rate. Club Golden for $1790. Taxes in. And, I've made sure they've honored it everytime they bump us around.

    #22 robinkar

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      Posted 01 August 2009 - 08:47 AM

      We have a wedding planned at the Gran Bahia Principe Bavaro in April 2010 but are having trouble determining that exactly we will be paying for when choicing a wedding package. It seems from other reviews on different sites that you may pay for more than you think and it seems rather expensive.

      Has anyone being married in 2010 choose their wedding packages as would like to correspond with yourselves. Thanks

      #23 MelissaApril2010

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        Posted 01 September 2009 - 09:04 AM

        My fiance and I are getting married the week of April 18 -25, 2010. We have booked and confirmed our date and have chosen the Unforgettable weddin package. While making our choices, i have found that it can get rather expensive as well! We are going with a private reception as we will probably have 40+ guests. Because we are paying for the private reception, our WC has told us that we do not need to pay the extra cost per person as stated on the bottom of the package info. Great news! We are also extending our reception until 12:00am as the private reception is only from 6:30 until 10:30. Our WC told us that if we want to extend our wedding that we would have to pay for an Open Bar for the additional hours (10:30 - 12:00). We also chose an additional drink selection (4 drinks) to add to the menu from 6:30 - 10:30 for $5.5USD per person. I have gathered lots of information from the WC, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!

        #24 natashakc

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          Posted 01 September 2009 - 11:54 AM

          Hi Melissa!
          You sound to have very similiar plans to me for my wedding November 16, 2009! I have found the coordinator Cynthia absolutely wonderful-much better than the other girls before her. Cynthia has been very open about prices, something I did not find before. We are doing the Sunshine package $1350USD, private reception for $750 USD, and speakers for the dance $150USD. I have been so lucky as to talk with a girl that was married there in March 2009 and she shed major light on howe things work. Her number one piece of advice for me was NOT to book everything for your wedding/reception before you get there because you will be missing out on some great deals that way. She said when she went there in March and her and her fiance had their meeting, they said they were not doing the prvate reception due to the cost, and the coordinator cut them a major deal. So, she ended up getting the private reception but at half the cost laid out in the brochures they send to us brides. I guess they figure they might as well get all they can from us so it's better to give a discount then to lose all together.
          Natasha & JoeGran Bahia Principe Bavaro, Punta CanaNovember 16th, 2009http://img.weddingco...vo5osqfalgz.png

          #25 sea bride

          sea bride
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            Posted 01 September 2009 - 12:08 PM

            i am getting married at the bahia principe san juan in puerto plata, not the gran bahia principe, punta cana, but the same chain of resorts. I can't help but notice the ordeal these brides to be are going through to book dates for their weddings. I had my date booked, confirmed and flights booked in 2 days. I didn't have to wait months to get confirmation form the resort, i feel so bad for these brides, i would have gone nuts waiting!

            We started to plan in march 2009 for our september 15th wedding. I was worried as i thought it was too little time to book for a wedding to happen in 6 months, but it went ok, great actually! I have to commend my travel agent and georgina, the wedding coordinator at this resort. She was quick with emails and got back to me super fast.

            I was lucky to have my future in-laws go to do a site check, and they said it is awesome. They met with goergina on my behalf, and all is confirmed!

            So to all these brides who are in limbo waiting...good luck and be patient! It all works out in the end!


            #26 melitanner

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              Posted 07 September 2009 - 07:40 PM

              Hi everyone,
              This is the wedding coordinator we are using and she is very nice and accomodating. Our wedding date is June 19,2010.

              Cinthya Alvarado
              Assitant Weddings Coordinator
              Gran Bah­a Pr­ncipe Complejo
              Email: weddingscoordinatorbppuj@bahia-principe.com
              Tel: 809 552 1444 ·Ext: 13227 Fax: 809 468 4537
              Carretera Arena Gorda Macao
              Bavaro Higuey · Provincia La Altagracias Rep. Dom.

              #27 melitanner

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                Posted 07 September 2009 - 08:00 PM

                Hi, I am slo doing the wedding at Gran Bahia and we are also doing the unforgettable...the question I had was about the 4 drinks. Are they signature drinks ? What WC are you working with? We are using cinthya... What have you encountered when reserving the package etc....

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