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Wedding iN mexico in 3 weeks and going forward

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#1 KLila

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    Posted 01 May 2009 - 07:54 PM

    I just want to encourage all brides that are having weddings in Mexico to move forward. I have been in touch with many people in Mexico and they do confirm that the US is blowing this out of proportion.

    I am having my wedding May 22nd in PV and all my 60 guests are attending.
    They did make plans to not connect through Mexico City, which all airlines were great and connected them through Houston or Dallas.

    The wedding will go on and I really do encourage the rest to continue with their Dream wedding plans.

    It is confirmed the people who died in Mexico lived in poverty, didn't seek medical attention and were in poor health. In my home state this past winter 134 people died from the regular flu, less than the number who died in Mexico.

    Get educated but be smart take precautions and I wish you all a very safe and healthy wedding day.

    #2 Jess

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      Posted 01 May 2009 - 07:59 PM

      Good for you KLila!! Take lots of pics :)

      #3 MarieSam

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        Posted 01 May 2009 - 08:18 PM

        I'm so happy that your moving forward with your plans, and it's wonderful to hear that your guests are being so supportive! Cannot wait to see pics of all the fabulous festivities

        #4 dolphin

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          Posted 01 May 2009 - 10:36 PM

          Good for you. You are going to have a great time. I heard something on the news today which said exactly what you said. It put so much into perspective about how many people in the US and Mexico die from any kind of flu if not treated, especially if you live in poverty. Good luck, congratulations and have fun.

          #5 Soon To Be Mrs. Gomez

          Soon To Be Mrs. Gomez
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            Posted 01 May 2009 - 11:53 PM

            Yeay!!! I'm moving forward with mine too!

            #6 DGG

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              Posted 02 May 2009 - 12:44 AM

              I am happy you are both continuing your wedding. This whole thing is blown way out of proportion. It is the flu - we have all had the flu and survived... yes, the flu does kill thousands of people each year but not otherwise healthy people... and we don't lock ourselves in the house all winter b/c there is flu going around. and this is just another strain of the same flu virus we have all had in the past.. I feel so bad for all the brides whose wedding aren't happening because of this ... I think you are both making the right decision and will have an amazing time still..
              If you want, maybe ask your doctor for a TamiFlu prescription to take with you just in case anyone does get sick - you need to start TamiFlu within 48 hours of symptoms so you should have it with you already.. not that I think you need it, but it would make me feel better to have on hand in case anyone does get sick...

              #7 Jacilynda

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                Posted 02 May 2009 - 01:23 AM

                I'm so glad you are moving on in your plans and all of your guest are following you!

                Can you provide proof where "It is confirmed the people who died in Mexico lived in poverty, didn't seek medical attention and were in poor health."

                I'm sure many other mexico brides can use this to share w/ their guests as could I! TIA

                #8 ktyum

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                  Posted 02 May 2009 - 03:08 AM

                  my wedding was too in 3 weeks in mexico but continuing to go wasn't an option for me. although i agree with everyones views, my guests don't. and i cant go without them. we have a number of children going and i couldnt live with myself if they took ill. so we have made the descision to go to jamaica instead and maybe will be able to return to mexico in the near future. we've had quite a bad week my travel company not helping me find alternatives, being rude to me and my family, we've put in a massive complaint about the shop, although the staff of the same company on the phone have helped me out fantastically, just not the people in the shop! although the shop have told me i'm there only wedding in mexico this month for them to sort out! they have done nothing! but the lady thats helped me the last 2 days if going to get a present from me for saving the day.
                  wishing you all fantastic weddings in mexico!! you'll still have a wonderful time! i'm jealous! will look forward to seeing photos soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

                  #9 akbeach

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                    Posted 02 May 2009 - 12:14 PM

                    Congrats! You will have a GREAT TIME. I think you are right about people blowing it out of proportion. We have 5 cancel (with kids) but we are going anyway. Enjoy! FYI- Tamiflu is about $93 without insurance if anyone needs it.
                    Photo by Sascha Gluck from Cancun Photos

                    #10 baj

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                      Posted 02 May 2009 - 02:53 PM

                      good fr you, congrat's and have a great time

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