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Wedding in Belize?

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Hello all,


We have always had our hearts set on wedding somewhere on the Myan Riviera (preferably Tulum), but Mexico is just so damn unstable. While this flu thing will probably blow over in a few months, we are concerned the drug situation will linger for some time.


Instead, we are considering getting married in Belize in May/June '10, as it is a stable, English speaking country that also offers that Myan feel we love so much.


While researching the possible venues, it is becoming apparent the best options are on Ambergris Caye. Unfortunately, this would require that guests get on a puddle jumper from the mainland, which is something we would not want to put them through.


Can anyone recommend some resorts on the mainland that are no more than an hour away from the international airport in Belize City?


Thanks in advance,


Michael smile72.gif

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Welcome to the forum and congratulations!! You've come to the right place; here you can find all the info you need for a fun, smooth and successful planning!! Enjoy!!!

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HI Micheal,

Have you travelled to Belize or Ambergris Caye before? I travelled to Belize a few years ago and LOVED IT!!!! So beautiful and crisp and the caribbean is spectacular...the best water I have ever seen/felt and I have visited most of the Mexican coast, Hawaii, Europe, Asia and US coastal regions. Anyway...I would NOT rule out Ambergris Caye because of the boat trip. The ride over is beautiful..turqouise waters...mangrove trees, small deserted cayes..your guests will not be dissappointed..and the anticipation on arriving at the island will be so great. If I was choosing to have my wedding in Belize I would HANDS DOWN choose Ambergis Caye!!! I hope this helps!!

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