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Negril Escape Wedding

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I was hoping for a wedding at Tensing Pen, but to avoid the headache that comes with their planning and communication, I'm looking at having the wedding and reception at Negril Escape. I'm having a hard time finding any reviews in these threads from NE brides. We are expecting around 30 - 40 guests.


Some questions....

1. If you were married at NE, did you also stay there? How were the accommodations?


2. If you stayed somewhere else, where? Along the cliffs? On the beach? If I were to stay at Tensing Pen, how far would the walk be to NE for guests?


3. If you stayed somewhere else, did you feel the WC at NE still treated you well and with importance?


4. If you have any breakdowns of costs associated with the wedding, would you please send them to me? I'm afraid of little things like chair covers, etc that might tend to add up.


5. What photographer did you use, who would you refer? Prices/Packages?



Thanks in advance for any and all help!!! I'm sure this board will be my home for the next year of planning!



hoosiergirl_98 at yahoo dot com

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I'm in contact with Stephanie, but if there are any other brides out there considering the Negril Escape...


Just got married at Negril Escape Resort and Spa on April 18th - I've been too busy with work to post a proper review, but would be happy to answer any questions. Hopefully a review will be up soon, but you can reach me at chickadee024@yahoo.com in the meantime.

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