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Fired my planner! Need help!

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With my very minimal knowledge if it was me I would try the certified letter first. Once you have filed a complaint with the BBB they will forward your complaint on to Blue Sky Weddings. Blue Sky Weddings will have 10 days to respond back to the BBB. If they do not respond in the first ten days, they are sent a second notice, then again a third notice. If after 30 days Blue Sky Weddings has not responded to the BBB it is left as an open complaint. The BBB is also supposed to check with you (I believe) to see if the issue has been resolved to your satisfaction.


The biggest thing is that the BBB cannot force Blue Sky Weddings to give the money back but they're basically your muscle to show that you have some powerful back-up on your side. This I all found out when I filed a complaint about a medical credit company. I'm still waiting to hear back from the company that withdrew funds from my account, unauthorized.


I wish you much luck!

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Originally Posted by MauiBride2B View Post
Thanks MarieSam! When you state "certified letter", what exactly do you mean? I've never dealt with legal issues before so this is all new to me.

In her contract, its states "Reservations will not be confirmed until receipt of this form and a non-refundable retainer of $2000 plus a deposit of $1000 for Olowalu Plantation House made payable to Blue Sky Weddings"
Certified mail is done through the U.S. Postal office, it requires that someone at the place of business sign a card that they've received the letter. It's your proof that she/he received it -- there's about a $3-$4 charge for this. That signed card then gets mailed back to you. Make sure you state on the actual letter -- VIA CERTIFIED MAIL -- at the top (and of course keep a copy of this letter with your signature)

Your contract sounds like that $2,000 is something you wont get back because it was non-refundable. However it sounds like you're entitled to your $1,000. I would definitely raise hell on that issue. Do the certified letter AND BBB -- at this point, coming at them from as many angles as possible will help!

Keep us posted. Good luck hun wink.gif

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