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My wedding is cancelled....

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Originally Posted by Kara&Ryan View Post
Because of the swine flu Sunquest Vacations has canceled all flights until June to Mexico.... meaning : MY DREAM WEDDING IS CANCELED. I am in shock right now.... I dont even know what to think
Kara&Ryan, we are thinking of cancelling our wedding as well. Mine is 5.23.09 at the Moon Palace Resort. Our guests are scared to death, my future mother-in-law is elderly, several guests have small kids & are afraid of taking some home. I'm so sorry for you, I know exactly how you feel! We've been dating for 4.5 years and engaged for 1.5 organizing this wedding and now 24 days away, we are thinking of cancelling it. Our TA says to wait another week, but even in a week, who is going to feel comfortable going to Mexico! My sincerest apologies...so sorry for you.

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