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Questions about Montego Bay Wedding

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#1 abullard1

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    Posted 28 April 2009 - 05:22 PM

    Can someone help with my questions of Montego Bay...Chantelle has not responded to me.....
    Chuppa:Do you have chuppas and how much are they?
    Chair charges:What are the chair charges?to cover them?

    Music (CD)What type of system are you putting our music CD on at the ceremony site outdoors? Boom Box?

    Reception Site:I really don't like the cake..I would like need 3 layers…what kind of cake is it?

    Decorations:I need to know what colors you have available for the chuppas? I need orange, watermelon, and clover (David’s Bridal Website has the actual colors) davidsbridal.com

    Glasses?The glasses for the reception dinner have a blue ring around them..can we get just clear glasses?

    Table Runner:What colors do you have for the table runner?

    Alcohol:Alcohol is free with this dinner correct?
    DJ:If we chose to have a DJ ,..we wouldn't necessarily need a private session or would we
    Entertainment?Can we have live dancers…….are you contracted with some dancers and how much?
    Place cards:We need pictures of Club Pacha, we also need decoration options for the dinner? Like what colors
    Floral:Can we possible have our reception outdoors and if so…where would it be and how much?

    Welcoming Party:
    Menu:Can we do some Jamaican appetizers and drinks outside for free for a welcoming party I would like to have on July 2, Thursday?
    Entertainmentwhat type of sites do you have that are free for our welcoming party?

    Venue (Patio)we would prefer for it to be on some type of outside patio with music

    Welcome bags:will the hotel deliver the welcome bags?
    Amanda Bullard

    #2 Jamaica0619

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      Posted 28 April 2009 - 06:24 PM

      I'll try to answer some of your questions. First, to let you know Chantelle is the only coordinator at RMB, so she is sometimes slow to respond, but (for me at least) she has always responded. Just based on the number of brides getting married there in the next couple months who are on this forum, I suspect she is really busy.

      In the meantime, you might want to check out this link: http://bestdestinati...om/forum/t37144

      It contains a lot of information regarding RMB and some of the options.

      Tia Flora is the primary source for flowers and chuppas... there is some infomration on the link above about them. But you can also go to thier website at Tai Flora Services Ltd. - Jamaica's Full Service Florists. Your can contact them directly for information/quotes. To let you know they may take a little time to respond. I know they took about a week to get back to me.

      Also, check under wedding reviews on BDW as a couple of Mrs just returned and have posted thier reviews and other information.
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      #3 montegobay09

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        Posted 28 April 2009 - 08:29 PM

        I will try and help too but I definately don't know all that!! My wedding was super simple so I didn't get into all those details. I'll do my best though.

        Chantelle will get in touch with you but she is VERY busy right now with at least 9 weddings per week and she's all by herself.

        For the chuppas chekc Tai Flora. They'll give you prices.

        For the chair charges the price list is on the RMB Important Info link in the post above.

        As for the music, I had my ceremony on the west beach and here is a pic with Chantelle in the background working the music system. The music is VERY loud. So much that the whole beach and most of the pool area know that there's a wedding going on because the music's so loud. Just in case anyone wanted to know if you look in the top left corner of the picture that is the Plaza Gazebo that some people are leaning off of trying to watch my wedding.

        Click the image to open in full size.

        I am sure you can get clear glasses. That's what they have in the rest of the resort and they just use the blue rimmed ones for weddings.

        I didn't see any table runners nor did I ask about them...sorry!

        DJ:As far as the DJ goes he is usually in the disco. If you rent out the disco he'll play the music you want him to play. I don't know how it works if you want him in another location.

        Live dancers? - no idea!!
        No pics of club Pacha...lots of us in there but it's mainly outdoors (if it's the same place i'm thinking about.

        Can we possible have our reception outdoors and if so…where would it be and how much? - Yes you can have your reception outdoors. The costs would be on a pricelist in that RMB important info thread...if you can't find it let me know and I'll post it. Here is a pic I took of someone else's outdoor reception. It was absolutel beautiful. Way too fancy for me!!

        Click the image to open in full size.

        For your welcome party I'm not sure what you can get for free. I didn't pay a cent for mine but I also didn't have any entertainment. We just gathered in one place and chatted. If you want, the stage area (with bar) is usually pretty empty during the day. You could always doc an ipod and meet with your guests there.It's not a patio but you can always have it in front of the Plaza Gazebo which is in the same area which is outside.

        I know the hotel wouldn't let me ship any welcome bag items there ahead of time. I never asked if they'd distribute them for me but I'm pretty sure Marshall1980 had that arranged for her. Check out her review that she posted last week...you'll get more info there.

        Well, I know I didn't help much but I hope some of it helped. I'm glad I took that pic of the outside reception. I knew someone would want to know what it was like!! Oh yeah, the location was on the west beach just below the plaza gazebo and just off to the side of where the ceremony takes place on the west beach.

        #4 Geralyn

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          Posted 29 May 2009 - 10:51 AM

          That pic of the outdoor reception really makes me wan to have it on the beach!!!!

          #5 ringlis

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            Posted 08 June 2009 - 09:58 PM

            We are still deciding whether or not to book our wedding at RIU Montego Bay. Just wondering if you could give me some insight....... was it a really nice resort and did your wedding go smoothly?? I've read some reviews and people complain of the noise of planes overhead....what did you think?? My other question is about the photographer.....did you have to find your own or did the resort provide one?

            #6 montegobay09

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              Posted 09 June 2009 - 04:29 PM

              Originally Posted by ringlis
              We are still deciding whether or not to book our wedding at RIU Montego Bay. Just wondering if you could give me some insight....... was it a really nice resort and did your wedding go smoothly?? I've read some reviews and people complain of the noise of planes overhead....what did you think?? My other question is about the photographer.....did you have to find your own or did the resort provide one?
              If you use the search here on the website and seard for RIU Montego Bay you will find a lot of information on it. This will be easier than repeating everything here!

              Here is one of the main threads with lots of info.... http://bestdestinati...om/forum/t37144 good luck!

              #7 krissysnow

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                Posted 17 June 2009 - 02:47 PM

                I might be a little late with this reply, sorry i havent been on the forum in a while. I got married about a month ago at RMB. Chantelle is no longer there, but im sure you will have good luck with the new coordinator. I am working on posting a full review.

                Dont know about Chuppas, but I had bows tied to the chairs and thoes were $3 each. My ceremony was at a church, so i cant answer the music question. For the reception though we had an awesome dj. Unfortunatley I dont know their names, Riu arranged it for us and we paid cash, so no receipt either.

                I had a 2 tier cake, I think it had 2 layers inside of it with cake and whipped cream. It was the standard cake, I ordered chocolate but didnt really care about upgrading it. It was pretty small, and they put a cute little topper on it. I can send you a picture if you would like.

                I think they can get you any color decorations that you want, but I dont know if the die lot would match exactly to your David's bridal stuff. It was really difficult for me to arrange anything like that before my trip. When i got to the RIU is when I picked the colors, and they had no samples to show me. I just had to hope for the best, but Im not too picky about that stuff anyway. Chantelle worked with tai flora to make the table centerpieces and they turned out awesome!

                All the glasses were clear at my reception. I had a private reception on 2nd floor of mahoe bay, not sure if that is why. All the table cloths were white and I dont remember any runners. On 1st floor I had a rehersal dinner, and there they used the blue rimmed glasses. With some runners & place matts, it was a really nice table display.

                Full open bar is NOT included with any bridal package. Only wine & beer is included (i think). I paid extra to have a full open bar, and if you want shots available you have to specifically ask.

                I think you need a private reception in order to have a dj or live music. Unless you just happen to be the only wedding in that particular restaurant. I dont know about other entertainment, but I can tell you the prices for ragge bands and steel drum bands are outrageous. DJ's are more affordable. The only outside reception would be on the beach. I was supposed to have a beach reception but it rained, and they moved us to mahoe bay. It still turned out beautiful. I heard the beach receptions are awesome though. Its about $50-60 per person for that. Trust me it's well worth the money, because service will be better and you will get better unique food that is not found at other restaurants on the resort.

                I didnt have a welcome party, but my opinion is that the coconut bar is really cute, it is oudoors. If dont mind that it is not private, you can all gather there. The stage is nearby where they do nightly shows, so the atmosphere is nice. I had no luck with planning a welcome party so we just all met at the buffet for dinner on the first night we all arrived. There were plenty of tables avilable when they first open around 6:30 or 7:00, you can get there early and reserve a section in the back of the restaurant. Then we headed to coconut bar and had fun.

                I had a hard time getting RIU to deliver my welcome bags, so I hand delivered most of them to each guest. They just arent that organized yet. Check with the new wedding coordinator to see if she can help you with that.

                Feel free to email me any questions, I can send you pics if you would like. Good luck!

                #8 abullard1

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                  Posted 18 June 2009 - 10:00 AM

                  Thanks to everyone for theri post. I will arrive on July 1, 2009 and do as Krissy did and simply meet for dinner at the resort.. then off to the Coconut bar. I have weclcome bags so I guess we can simply give them out when we arrive at the Coconut Bar. I wanted a Chuppa and two floor arrangements and a long garland going across the cchuppa, a petal walking isle andtwo entrance flroal arrangements and that is $1100. i then wanted drowned roses in vases alterneting with floral arangemtns. 8 vases and 4 floral. That is costing around $500. The brides bouquet is calla lillies, roses, orchids , pearls (all white) with green fern underside. $150. All together with all bouquets and decor...Tai Floral is saying $2200..Oh and by the way..There is a 20% tax (the 4% comes from you using your credit card) Then I am having champagne and light appetizer on the beach and a steel band for 1 hr. Our wedding is at 4pm and the steel band will play the wedding march and then also light it up after the announcement of marriage. That gives us some kill time while taking pictures with guests. Then off to Maho Bay. We are jsut doing the standard dinner. i took the liberty of making my own menu cards based off their standard dinner. I am also bringing silver chargers and a green and white table runner.We are also doing wedding favors.
                  I just find that their is no color on the table. Then we are off to club Chuppa. But we may change it and simply do an outside reception..I donno yet. We have also arranged for all the guests to go to Dunn's River Falls and they say it's $40 per adult. Yaital is $55 per person. Two weeks to go!!
                  Amanda Bullard

                  #9 montegobay09

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                    Posted 18 June 2009 - 09:02 PM

                    You must be so excited Amanda! Great work getting all that stuff worked out with the WC and with Tai Flora! Sounds like you will have an amazing and beautiful day! Remeber to relax and enjoy every minute of it...even if it all doesn't go as planned it will still be a perfect day.

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