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Gran Bahia Principe Tulum

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Originally Posted by dewiggy View Post
Hi : I am also getting married at the GBP Tulum April 8, 2010 and have the wedding planned for 2pm and then dinner at the Tequila at 5:30. I am thinking about changing the dinner to a pool side but I think the dinner must start at 7pm then and that is a long time to wait since our wedding is at 2. I have also heard that you can have a private cocktail party after with a dj so I might do that instead and have the dinner at the Tequila Rest. Have you decided what you will be doing after wedding until the dinner? I want our guests to have a fun filled day any suggestions?

We're getting married at 3pm and doing pictures right after, our dinner is booked for for 5.30 at the steak house. Then we will have a poolside reception for our speeches, first dance and a dance show. My stepdaughter is a dancer, she has planned a few dance routines with her cousins and the other kids. She will also get everyone else involved... She is a dance instructor and has no problem getting people involved. Should be fun.... we choose the steakhouse, I have been to both restaurants and enjoyed the steakhouse the best. Good Luck


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