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My Awsoime ROR Wedding 01 April 2009!!!!

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#1 jesjess

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    Posted 27 April 2009 - 09:24 AM

    Back from our awesome wedding at ROR!

    Hi Ladies, how is everybody doing, it took me some time to write my review. We have been back for almost a week now, and it was time for me to tell you girls how everything went. I will try to tell you as much as I can.

    We had a great flight with Arke Fly. We booked us some seats in the business class, and it was amazing. Lots of space, champagne, a menu to choose from, and a comfy chair. Yeah, life was good. They even let me hang my dress in the closed. And we also received a special gift from the flight company since we were getting married. It contained all sorts of snacks, more champagne and a miniature plain. It was a great start! No delays It was a good flight, with a stop at the Dominican republic. We had to leave the plain, and got back in about 1 hour. We continued our journey and arrived at Jamaica 1 ½ hours later.

    I saw on this forum that you had to hurry to get to the customs clearance or else it would take you ages to get trough. And since we were clearly not fast enough, it took us a long time to get trough. Everybody was very tired and cranky; we already had a trip for 15 hours behind us, and still had some time to go. Once we got outside our tour operator was waiting for us and brought us to our bus. It took us more then 2 hours to get to the hotel, that sucked, but Hey what can you do about that! No Problem!Once we were at the hotel, we discovered we lost 1 suitcase. But this was brought to us next thing in the morning! Great service!

    Check in
    Check in went fast, we got our famous cocktail, and we got hour safe and room keys quick. However 1 person of our party got the wrong key for 3 times. We found here two hours later at the reception, when we wanted to get ourselves some drinks, she was still standing there. I went to the reception, and got really angry with them. Within minutes we got a good key, and a fruit basket  with big apologies. We got to our room, nd I have to say, it was GREAT! So big, I loved the walk-in closed, the Jacuzzi in our suite, the Jacuzzi on our balcony. Yeah again life was good! We had a blast for 21 days in that room!

    The hotel is very big, but it is not TOO big. We thought it was perfect! Lots of restaurants, two cute shops where I bought some souvenirs, the pools were great. But we preferred the pool at the quiet part. We still had a great time at the pool bar (reggae bar) Bartenders there are the best!) We like to have a party, but I got really annoyed by screaming yelling people with there big mugs. I still don’t understand the mug thing. It looks so greedy.
    The bartenders give you enough drinks, and I like my drinks cool, so I liked to walk to the bar a lot. The pools are clean, except around 4 in the afternoon, in the pool bar area. If you know what I mean 
    The people who work at the hotel are very nice. But let me give you guys a tip. They don’t run any faster for you, just because you are waving with a few bucks! Its looks stupid, and its inappropriate. They respect you more if you tip them afterwards. Because then you show appreciating for the good services.

    The restaurants are all very good. If people say the don’t have enough to eat, than I don’t know what the eat at home, but it is definitely too much! Breakfast lunch diner, there was always plenty! No complaints there.
    I loved the tushima. The sushi is gooooood . And The jurk hut at the beach was also very good!

    We haven’t been busy with the entertainment much, but they were always there. But not persuasive enough to get us to join them. I liked the beach party, but every other week on Wednesday, they have a band, called ochie, and this was the best we saw. when we were there. They also played at our wedding night.

    We did a lot of tours, Combination tour Nine mile tour and duns river falls. This was great! We went to Rick’s caf© in Negril and margaritaville, we jumped of the cliffs at Rick’s caf©, this was awesome!!!! We went on the black river safari, and to fire hole. We went to cranbook safari. Saw a few local markets, and went to ocho rios by ourselves a few times to shop. Easter weekend we went to a local event in the evening. A big stage wit lots of artist were playing, and we had the best time! We also went fishing twice with captain speedy. And we caught a w@hoo! Everything was great.

    BDW Ladies
    I met with Claire and Sarah at the hotel, and we had a great time! I even joined Claire and here husband Chris at there wedding. It was lovely. I would definitely hook up with some fellow BDW ladies if I were you. You can share lots of stories. And you can meet new friends!

    And know the wedding. It was all we had ever hoped fore. It was soooo beautiful. We met with Nikki a week before the wedding, and spoke about the wedding; we were done in about half an hour. She had a gift for us which was very nice of her. On the day of the wedding I did my own hair and make-up. We got the flowers 1 hour before the ceremony, so that was great! Nikki came to pick us up at 03:45, perfect timing! And the ceremony started at 04:00. The weather was great, and everything went exact as planned. We last minute decided to take the chair covers and sashes, and I had no regrets at all. It looked so much better then just the brown chairs. I had blue sashes, and on the chairs we put blue fans, and translation books. The flowers were not what I had hoped for, but they were ok, the bridesmaid’s flowers were great. And the boutonniere for my hubby and the rest of the party were also good. To bad they forgot my real hair flower I ordered, but thankfully I had a backup plan, I brought satin orchids just in case!
    The music was also spot on! I wrote my own ceremonies and the minister did a great job reading them, the whole ceremony took about 30 minutes. (We include a sand ceremony which was lovely! We had Michael for 1 hour that was enough for us; I already got tired getting all the pictures. And we did the DVD! We paid $300 for it, and it was worth it! Now I can show everybody how it was! After the ceremony and the toasting picture taking we went to the restaurant for diner. We had the Mammee Bay steak house, This was by far the best restaurant to our opinion! The steak there was SO juicy! Hmmm! The service at the restaurant was also great!
    The cake wasn’t bad, we we don’t really care for the cake thing. After dinner my dad surprises us with wishing lanterns he took from home. So we after diner we al went to the beach, and lighted our lanterns, it was such an emotional moment, everybody cheered when one lantern went up in the air! It was a great idea off my Dad. Love him so much. Afterwards we went to the bar at the stage part, and just when we came there this band “Ochie”started playing. They were awesome!!! We had the best day/night ever!!!

    What else
    What else is there to say…. We did so much, we had a great time, we were with a party of 17. We all left together at 26 March. Everybody stayed a week. And we stayed for a total of three weeks. So we had a 2 week Honeymoon. This was beautiful. We enjoyed the beach, the pool, the food and the people. We had the best time!

    Well ladies, this is it for know, If you have any questions you can ask anything!
    I will put the pictures on the internet soon, because I don’t know how to reduce the size and put them on this forum. So I’m going to out the on a wedding site. So be patient 

    #2 jamin2010

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      Posted 27 April 2009 - 09:36 AM

      Congratulations! This is a great review. Thanks so much for sharing. Would be great to see your pics too.

      #3 jk1101

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        Posted 27 April 2009 - 09:39 AM

        Congratulations - sounds like you had an awesome experience! Can't wait to see pictures if you wold like to share!

        #4 KHarrod

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          Posted 27 April 2009 - 09:49 AM

          Congrats and thanks for the review.

          #5 sweettea

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            Posted 27 April 2009 - 09:49 AM

            Congratulations, looking forward to the pics!
            Bring on January 10th 2010! I can't wait!

            #6 drbrainfreeze

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              Posted 27 April 2009 - 10:43 AM

              Congrats and thanks for the review! Can't wait to see the pics and get the info for captain speedy :-)

              #7 latricej919

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                Posted 27 April 2009 - 11:05 AM

                Congratulations that sounds like so much fun! Glad to know it was enjoyable and perfect.
                Soon To Be: Mrs. Ham

                #8 josee

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                  Posted 27 April 2009 - 11:19 AM

                  Congratulations - sounds like so much fun! Can't wait to see pictures!

                  #9 Jen_S

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                    Posted 27 April 2009 - 11:20 AM

                    Congrats!!! Sounds like a good time!!
                    Our Honeymoon In Ireland!!

                    #10 jrodsgirl

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                      Posted 27 April 2009 - 12:18 PM

                      Congrats to you both. Sounds like all went well. Thanks for sharing.

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