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Legal Ceremony or Symbolic Ceremony??

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My resort recommended using this website for translating the marriage certificate: http://www.UltraTranslate.com


I asked for a quote and this is what I got:


"We at Ultra Translate would be pleased to translate your document from Spanish to English (marriage certificate from Mexico. We provide certified and notarized translations with quality paper and inks, all according to INS/State Department guidelines. The translation comes with a 100% guarantee policy of US government acceptance, if that is who they are intended for. We are certified by the U.S. government and internationally recognized American Translators Society (A.T.S.) as fully qualified and accredited to translate your documents.

Our prices are as follows for delivery within the US (international delivery charges will be different):
   Normal service (1-5 business days delivered by Priority Mail): $49-64 per page (dependent upon length)

   Express Service (1-2 business days delivered by Express Mail): $19 per page extra rush charge

   Additional notarized copies of same document: $9/page"


So far here are the expenses that I am expecting:

$220 for blood test

$80 for translation


And for documents we will need birth certificates and passports. We have to be in Mexico 4 business days in advance (which we were planning to do anyway) and need 4 witnesses who only have to be there during the ceremony with a valid passport.


The officiant is covered under my wedding package.


I hope this helps.



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We are getting married in Cabo on 4.11.11 and are doing just a symbolic ceremony, we did our legal ceremony in california it is o much easier to just do a symbolic ceremony in Mexico, we both see the Mexico date as our real wedding and this is the day we will always celebrate our anniverssary! Just over 3 months to go!





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