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Manulele?? as officiant

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Hey Sugar,


My fiance and I just returned from our trip to Kauai where we met with a bunch of vendors/officiants for our April 2010 wedding. We met with Greg Frazier & Manulele. Both are great people.


We chose Manulele because she's very sweet and down to earth. A lot like a grandma should be. Manulele's ceremony is more Hawaiian but is non-denominational christian also. There's a lei exchange between the couple. There's a part of the ceremony where you honor your family, she speaks to the moms & dad & siblings separately and they each get a lei signifying their roles in your lives up to this point. She can add or remove any part of the ceremony to your tastes. We're having a sand ceremony instead of a unity candle and she's working that into the ceremony also. She says that the ceremony lasts ~30-40 min, but the actual western ceremony part lasts ~10 min.


Hope that helps!



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