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This is a great idea. I have never seen this before - had only seen individual photos of the couple surrounding the guest book at a table. I love the idea of making it more personal rather than a generic blank guest book. Thanks for sharing!

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Originally Posted by mummergirl View Post
just wanted to share what i'm using for my "guest book"

i rounded up a bunch of generic photos of cancun and of our wedding resort (dreams cancun) and made an 8x8 photo book on shutterfly. the guests can sign in the margins around the pics, sort of like how you'd sign someone's school yearbook. i figure i only have 32 guests, so they don't need a lot of room to sign. (i know it's not too original, i've seen this done before with pics of the couple, but we really didn't have enough of those available, as we didn't take engagement pics. if you're in the same boat, and like the photo book idea, this is an alternative)!

anyway, here it is: Shutterfly | View share

it cost me about $25, and i don't have it in my possession yet to be able to comment on quality. a cheaper alternative would be to print pics yourself and just scrapbook them, leaving plenty of space for signing around them!
I did something similar...I took our engagement pictures and had them printed as 5x7. I bought a nice scrapbook from Michael's and used a 50% off coupon so I only spent $12.50 and I bought black photo corners for $3.00 and white 12x12 paper. So for about $30 I am making an album for my engagement pics and then I will have each page on a table at our AHR so guests can sign around the pictures and write us messages, advice, wishes. I figured this was a great way to house our pictures and have something meaningful from each of our guests. I will post pics once completed!

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