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AHR Invitation Wording?

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We are sending out post card invitations for our AHR and I'm struggling with the wording to use. Our wedding invitations made brief mention of a reception upon our return home with further details to follow. Now that we're back and finally have a date and venue decided on, I'm at a loss for words! Please help!

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You don’t need a ticket

Or an advance reservation

Just make waves

To our wedding celebration


Cassondra Lastname


Scott Lastname




Will be married on

Sunday, the Twelfth of July

Two Thousand and Nine

at Dreams Cancun Resort and Spa


Please join them for the backyard reception

August 15, 2009



Rehoboth, Massachusetts 02769

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Oops...I hit post too soon. This is the wording for our AHR invites. You prob can't fit it all on a postcard but I do like the little poem at the top. I found it on verseit.com. I just noticed that I did not include a time on my invite...good thing its just a draft!!


Good luck.

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Our parents really wanted a lihtly formal reception w/plated dinner, Dj, etc so here is what my mom came up with. Better than what I came up with. Hope it helps:



Please join us in celebration following the marriage

of Abby Brown and Thomas Fischbach,

children of Judy Brown and Ellen & Daryl Fischbach.


A reception is being given in their honor

on Friday, July 17, 2009

at the Wellstead in Rogers, Minnesota.


Cocktail Hour 6:00 p. m.

Dinner 7:00 p. m.

Dancing 9:00 p. m.


Abby & Thomas will be married in a private ceremony

at sunset on June 13, 2009 in Cancun, Mexico

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