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Deadly swine flu virus in Mexico

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#891 JaimeLynne

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    Posted 05 May 2009 - 01:27 PM

    Originally Posted by Jacilynda
    also ladies Mexico has lowered the H1N1 alert level from red-high to orange-elevated. They believe its dying off in Mexico but think it may start up again this fall, POSSIBLY!!!!

    Good news for us summer brides!

    I am feeling agitated right now but I am happy that we are going because even though I am not feeling happy right now I cannot postpone this any longer. I can't focus and we have already been engaged 15 months. We are done. kwim? Plus I want to get all this wedding swag out of my too small apartment.
    Originally Posted by mummergirl
    yup! we will have been engaged two years this month ... the time has come! not to mention i turn 37 this summer (and yes this is my first wedding) ... honestly i think i have waited long enough!!!
    Yamille & Mummer ~ I'm right there with ya! Martin and I got engaged June 10th, 2007 (my bday) - so almost 2 years! And we were already planning for about 3 months before that LOL! Ready to get this show on the road!!!

    Originally Posted by rliddle
    If you have Koozies - this was on the Kustom Koozies Facebook page

    Subject: Swine Flu and Koozies

    Has the Swine Flu caused you to detour your event?

    Dear Kustom Koozies Friend:

    We are aware that the current threat of Swine Flu has caused many planned destination events to be relocated or rescheduled. We, at Kustom Koozies, don’t want you to be without correct Koozies! Therefore, if you ordered Koozie from us, we will reprint a new set, with the new place/date for what it costs us to print, ship, etc. If you have a friend who had them printed at another company (because we know you wouldn’t go anywhere else), have them email us a picture of what they have, and we’ll print new ones at 20% off our already low prices.

    Let us help make a bad situation a little better!

    Please email Linda at
    Thanks so much for sharing your note to your guests. My wedding is Nov but already, his mum has shared some concerns with us b'cos in 1918, a flu killed many worldwide. So, my fiance was thinking of writing an email to our guests. THANKS!
    FYI - there is evidence that this flu is much closer to the 1957 strain than the 1918 strain... if you dig around somewhere Jacylinda (I think it was her?) posted an article explaining this, and also explaining how it's missing an essential amino acid or protein which makes it not as "deadly" as they feared.

    OK - and now for my big UPDATE

    I got the OK from my doc yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He wrote me a script for Tamiflu (holy crap, $122 without insurance! Eeek!), and also a brief note stating that I have Lyme with fevers <100 degrees. (He didn't want to get too detailed, just in case I did get sick he did not want them to ignore me because of his note, if that makes any sense...

    Also, at the end of the visit I told him "we're going to Mexico, Rain or Swine!" with a big grin - he backed away in his chair and looked a cross between humored and CONFUSED, he started to say something else and then said "OH!!! I thought it was the Lyme messing up your words (Lyme affects your memory, you often mix up words, etc.), and I was about to correct you!" Then he realized the joke.... HAHAHAH!

    I have a good treatment plan set up to start heavy duty treatment after the Honeymoon, and meanwhile some good meds to help with the pain, etc. (God it feels so nice to not be in agonizing pain for once!!!). All in all, I felt very well taken care of.

    A HUUUUGE weight has been LIFTED off of me now!!!! I mean, how can my guests argue now that *MY* doctor has given *ME* (the sick person! lol) the go ahead!!!! Bwahahaha jk


    ALso, just to keep y'all updated, this is what I posted on our wedding site today:

    **UPDATE May 5th**

    Good news - According to CNN.com, yesterday Mexico lowered its National Health alert from a Red ("high") to an Orange ("Elevated"). The situation is Mexico certainly appears to be stabilizing. We continue to send our prayers and good thoughts to the Mexican citizens (including several close friends of ours) as they continue work through this tumultuous time.

    Also, Jaime "passed" her doctor's visit yesterday with the "OK" to go to Mexico ~ the doctor gave her an Rx for Tamiflu (just in case or for preventative measures). She will begin antibiotic treatment after we return from our Honeymoon on June 5th!

    Operation "P.V. - Rain or Swine" is definitely a GO!!!

    So, pack your bags! We'll see you SOON in Mexico!

    And a big "GRACIAS!" to all who have helped in channeling positive energy as well as those who have sent encouraging and inspiring emails, phone calls, etc. It has been wonderful to experience your outpourings of support! We are once again reminded of what wonderful friends and family we have, and truly look forward to spending an incredible weekend with you all in the lush, tropical paradise of Puerto Vallarta! :)

    Hasta luego,
    Martin and Jaime :)

    ~ Jaime & Martin ~
    "Rain or Swine! 2-0-0-9"

    We had 24 people attend our wedding in Las Caletas, Mexico on May 24th, 2009!

    We all stayed at The Marriott in P.V., and Honeymooned at The Royal Plantation in Ochos Rios, Jamaica!

    #892 hanna

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      Posted 05 May 2009 - 01:32 PM

      Here is the email I just sent to our guests....

      Happy Cinco de Mayo! We got engaged 1 year ago in Cancun!


      This Friday will be 3 weeks until our wedding, and 2 weeks until we depart!! We can't even begin to describe how happy and excited we have been to hear that each of you are planning to join us. Therefore, as we consider our options, we would like to have your input on a few things.

      COAST GUARD: Last Saturday, May 2, the Coast Guard announced that their personnel cannot travel to Mexico as long as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends avoiding non-essential travel to Mexico. We have been monitoring the CDC website daily hopeful for a positive update. We are hopeful they will change their policy this week, but have to be ready to pursue another option if they do not. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

      SWINE FLU: Things are looking positive. Mexico downgraded their alert and are reopening businesses tomorrow. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced swine flu is no more dangerous than the regular flu virus. There are cases of swine flu throughout the US, and the Riviera Maya still has no confirmed cases. We are very excited about traveling to Mexico, and currently our only set-back is the Coast Guard restriction.

      PLAN B: As the wedding is quickly approaching, we will have to make a decision soon. If by this Friday, May 8, if the Coast Guard has not changed their policy regarding travel to Mexico, we will have to pursue our Plan B: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

      GRAND PALLADIUM RESORT: The all-inclusive Grand Palladium Resort is also located in Punta Cana, and has agreed to honor our room rates and wedding plans for the same date. The resort has 4 sections (Bavaro, Punta Cana, Palace and Turquesa) and is just as fun and beautiful as the one in Mexico. Therefore the only change would be to your flights. Link to Resort website.

      FLIGHTS: We chose Mexico because of it's central location and low fares, so unfortunatly in changing to Punta Cana, flight duration would be longer and flights do cost more. However this is our next best option to still have or dream destination wedding.
      There are two airports in the Dominican Republic.
      1. Punta Cana (PUJ): located about 45 minutes from the resort. The most tropical airport we have ever seen!
      2. Santo Dominto (SDQ): located about 3 hours from the resort. Beautiful and historic city. Typically fares to this airport are cheaper.
      *We are currently researching shuttle options to the resort.

      DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: We recently traveled to Punta Cana this January and loved it. With the turquoise water and white sandy beaches covered in palm trees, it is one of the most beautiful places we have ever been. We are confident it will be just and fun and nice as Mexico. To learn more, visit the Dominican Republic website: www.godominicanrepublic.com

      INPUT: Please let us know how you are feeling about this issue and if you will be able to attend if moved to Dominican Republic. Please keep in mind - while it is important to us that you share in our day - will completely understand and support whatever decision you make. We understand the burden and costs associated with changing destinations, so we are trying to gauge weather this option will even be feasible to pursue. If possible, please contact your airline and see if it would be possible to change destinations and if they will waive the change fee (don't make any changes yet... we are still hoping Mexico will work). It is important to us to have our friends and family present, so if this option does not work for the majority of guests, we will have to see about other options such as postponing. Thank you all for your support!

      #893 tylersgirl

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        Posted 05 May 2009 - 01:51 PM

        Jaime-That is great news!!! I am so happy you got your doc's okay! YAY! I loved the story about telling the doctor rain or swine, haha.

        hanna-That email sounds wonderful. You said everything just right. I am waiting for the CDC to change the status for going to Mexico too because my brother and SIL won't come to my wedding until they change the status so please let me know if you hear anything. I will be checking for updates as well

        #894 wahmsuzanne

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          Posted 05 May 2009 - 04:04 PM

          I am with all of you regarding feelings that this whole flu has been totally over-hyped by the media!!!!!!!! But since I got this funny email/pic I thought I'd post it:

          Click the image to open in full size.

          Poor pigs will be "labeled for life after this mess!!!!!!!!!! LOL

          We are moving forward with our plans to be married at Dreams Tulum on June 30th and we just can't wait (despite how some family and friends are behaving LOL).

          Thanks again to everyone on the board for all of the positive encouragement and support to those of us who were devastated by this whole flu thing. *huGs* to all!!!!!!! Suzanne

          #895 TammyWright


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          Posted 05 May 2009 - 04:17 PM

          suzanne is right...it was really over-sensationalized by the media. it is the flu people...and a pretty mild one at that.

          the number of people infected are so much less than the last bug that went around california in january.

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          #896 wahmsuzanne

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            Posted 05 May 2009 - 04:26 PM

            Originally Posted by Tammy Host
            suzanne is right...it was really over-sensationalized by the media. it is the flu people...and a pretty mild one at that.

            the number of people infected are so much less than the last bug that went around california in january.
            Also ... there are confirmed cases 15 minutes from me ... and none in Riviera Maya so I'd have a better chance of catching this at the grocery store or out drinking tonight! LOL ... Maybe Mexico should be worried about letting me cross their border!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

            This is a trip and a vacation of a lifetime for me, my fiance, and our 5 kids and the flu is NOT going to stop us if we have to hitchhike there!!!!!!!!!! I know in my heart that those who don't join us (drug wars, no money, flu ...) will be very sorry that they didn't attend. We know whoever is meant to be there will be there ... and we're perfectly happy going alone if we have to ... this is about us ... our commitment to each other ... and the blending of our two families.

            I hope those of you who have considered canceling (short of medical/work reasons) will move forward with your plans and find a peace and calm about your decision. I finally have and I'm so happy now!

            You gals are the best! *SmiLes* Suzanne

            #897 baj

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              Posted 05 May 2009 - 04:46 PM

              so glad things seem to be working out for you and you have been able to rearrange your wedding.

              #898 JoLo908

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                Posted 05 May 2009 - 04:52 PM

                OKay, that Pooh cartoon just made me laugh out loud!!

                #899 Hartyt509

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                  Posted 05 May 2009 - 04:59 PM

                  Well they've just cancelled my flights!! so that's me not going to Mexico and being screwed by Barbados - yep I'm pissed right off can you tell lol

                  #900 Jacilynda

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                    Posted 05 May 2009 - 05:10 PM

                    Originally Posted by Hartyt509
                    Well they've just cancelled my flights!! so that's me not going to Mexico and being screwed by Barbados - yep I'm pissed right off can you tell lol
                    I AM SOOO SORRY!!! Why did they cancel your flights for barbados?

                    Jaime- YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way i printed out everything for my VB and pasted them on my board like a collage and I HATE it! I'm trying to figure out how to make it exciting at the moment!

                    Suzanne- I'm w/ you on Mexico not letting us cross the border! hee hee! We have a confirmed case a couple hours from us but the same town as our lakehouse and she just returned from Texas (where she got it!) I'm more likely to get it here than in Mexico!

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