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Deadly swine flu virus in Mexico

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Originally Posted by sgbrown View Post
Hi ladies,

First, thanks for all the support. It really helps to know I'm not the only one in this situation.

I've been speaking with my travel agent this morning and it looks like she's going to try and re-route our group to another resort in either the Dominican, Cuba, Jamaica, wherever! I really don't want to move out of Mexico, but it looks like MANY of our guests will cancel if we don't. In fact, we've had about 12 already cancel. Although I don't share their fears about contracting the flu, I am sensitive to the fact that its their health and their decision.

At the end of the day, I want to enjoy my wedding experience and if moving away from Mexico helps, then I'm all for it. I'll keep you guys posted on any developments...

its good to hear that your TA is going to be so helpful! i hope u get something figured out!!.. my plane is supposed to stop in cancun before making it to cuba and my TA isnt doing anything to help us stop that!!! ... she even told off one of my guests!!! like WTF be a professional and deal with issues properly!

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something that may help a bit - I heard on the radio this morning that 20,000 people die a year from the regular flu .....swine flu has killed way way way less...everyone is making such an unecessary big deal about this

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Wow, I am so sorry that all of you are dealing with this. All I can do is say I'm here for you guys if you need anything. We need to stick together May brides!

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When I first heard of this my mind set was "stay positive, no worries" but its like the more I hear the more I worry. I woke up today determined not to think about it but then I get to work and its all everyone is talking about. Another girl in the department next to me is scheduled to travel to Riviera Maya a week before me, she is due to leave this Monday and is mostly like going to reschedule or change destinations, but hers is just a vacation. People keep telling me to do the same thing but I'm like.."This is not just a vacation, its my wedding" My TA said that our travel company is allowing people to reschedule or switch with out penalty for travel through May 12. My group needs it to be for travel through atleast May 17, so if they extend the penalty free dates she wants to discuss relocation which I guess I would consider but everywhere else I have looked is more expensive and my programs, welcome letters, personalized water bottles, etc, all say Mexico and I hate having to redo all of them. I am so sick to my stomach over this and near tears and I just keep hearing "We'll figure it out" from FI and friends, easy for them to say when they haven't invested 9 months of planning. Sorry to be such a downer but just needed to vent to my fellow Mexico brides who would understand.

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My brother and 7 other people have all canceled sad.gif I just talked to my TA and she said that since my parents don't have insurance that they would be out all that $$ (they paid for my sister too). We have decided that we are still going to go and that if they ban Mexico travel we are going to move it somewhere else. I am looking into other options (Florida, Jamaica). I am really sad. It will now just be my parents, tylers parents, and us. Oh well, we are all the important people wink.gif

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This is what i wrote on my facebook page:


I think that it is absolutely ridiculous about how much the media is blowing up the severity of this swine flu virus. They are trying to scare people by showing everyone in pictures wearing the 3M N95 masks that prevent air bourne particles from getting released into the air. This is a main stream thing in alot of populated places around the world such as Tokyo to wear masks on a daily basis. I just think it's funny that the media is saying that there are so many new cases of the swine flu without even confirming half of these allegations. It takes 4-5 days to confirm the virus by the labratory.We have decided to go through with our wedding unless there is a ban to Mexico. We are having the wedding in Cancun which is more than 800kms away from the outbreak that's like here to Toronto.I mean how can you try and convince me that the media isn't blowing this whole thing up when 4 countries have put travel bans on Canadahuh.gif??....Do you honestly not think it's safe herehuh.gifOh looks like we need to start wearing the masks too! Plus did you know that 36000 people a year in the US and 4000 people a year in Canada die of the regular seasonal flu each year...and we get panicked at 150huh.gif Plus they found 2 drugs Relenza and Tamiflu that have been sucessful in responding to the swine flu virus and the US and Canada have been stockpiling it, they just haven't created a vaccination to prevent the virus. It also makes me wonder how serious it really is if only people in Mexico City have died from it. We are talking about a 3rd world country with limited health care that are dying. And most of those cases probably just thought they were sick and didn't seek any medical attention in the first place.So to be honest I know there is this huge hype about it but I honestly don't think we have anything to worry about especially with the wedding being 3 months out. If it was honestly serious enough that they wanted to quarantine Mexico they would of put the ban out days ago!So honestly educate yourselves about this so called uprising pandemic before you cancel all your travel plans because it is going to take alot more then that for me to cancel my wedding!!!

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good morning girls -


Another stressful day...I just emailed my FI (who is totally convinced this will all blow over) but since I'm a planner I told him that we should at least start thinking about a Plan B - these were my thoughts (we were already planning on legally getting married in the states):




1. Cancel Mexico (people get stuck with $100 airplane change fee & some fee from Palace); get married in WA 6/14 & we go on trip by ourselves later


2. Cancel Mexico (people get stuck with $100 airplane change fee & some fee from Palace); get married in WA 6/14 & we go on trip by ourselves later & do party at home


3. Cancel Mexico (people get stuck with $100 airplane change fee & some fee from Palace) and do an actual wedding at home


4. Reschedule Mexico (remembering heavy hurricane season is July – October); people pay $100 change fee for airfare dates


5. Chance location from Mexico to Hawaii or somewhere else – either sticking with same June dates or pushing out in the future - $100 plane chance plus Palace fee


So more "wait and see"... This board has been a HUGE help to be able to have people who can actually relate - A big thanks : )


Here is an article I found posted from a travel agent that seemed pretty well balanced...


The State Department did issue a travel alert due to swine flu. Ive posted the link above. This is just like when they issued the travel alert for drug-related violence escalating in border towns and certain areas. The alert means you need to be aware, and to take some precautions if you do travel.


It states that the CDC has suggested no non-essential travel to Mexico, but the State Department has not joined in that statement at this point - they have not issued a warning, but only an alert, with suggestions to follow if you do travel, along with the information that most cases of flu are just the regular flu, and not swine flu.


This is a tough call for anyone traveling within the next week. You have to do what you think is best for you. Some airlines and tour operators are offering alternatives - change dates and or location without the usual penalties. Im still waiting on an official ruling from our travel insurance rep, but I dont think travel insurance will cover you until the point where travel is restricted - then it does. But if you have a health situation (asthma, etc) that could make this more dangerous for you, a doctors note saying you are not allowed to travel could make the difference in being covered.


For those traveling more than a week out, sit tight. It isnt fun to sit around waiting, unsure of what your plans will be, but until we know more, that is the best plan of action - no action.


For those contemplating a last minute trip, Id at least wait a few days and see how this plays out. I hate to say that with some killer air deals popping up due to the drop in demand, but it makes sense to wait for more information first.


Someone else posted about perspective earlier. It is hard to find perspective on this right now - but from the information Ive gathered, I am hopeful that this is not going to be a big problem in the long run. The cases in the US and elsewhere have been mild so far. But the mystery of why the deaths in Mexico (in particular the age 20-40s which normally are not affected so much by flu) is still a concern. What was different about those cases? Were they the originals and as the disease spreads it is weakened each time? Or is there another factor that puts you at higher risk? We dont have any answers yet.


One thing about perspective - at this point 150 deaths in Mexico City from an outbreak of any flu would not be unusual. Mexico City has the second highest metropolitan population in the world (highest in the western hemisphere). 150 deaths in a population over 22 million is not anything unusual at all.


Here is info on the regular seasonal flu which also puts things into perspective:

In the U.S., an estimated 25–50 million cases of the flu are currently reported each year — leading to 150,000 hospitalizations and 30,000–40,000 deaths yearly. If these figures were to be estimated incorporating the rest of the world, there would be an average of approximately 1 billion cases of flu, around 3–5 million cases of severe illness, and 300,000–500,000 deaths annually.


I hope we all find a way to stay healthy through this, and that anyone contracting swine flu from here forward has a mild case.

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Hi All,


I am new to the group and getting married in Playa next Saturday. I called me doctor this morning and she recommended calling the CDC. I talked to them and below is the resulting email to my guests. I hope it helps! PS - They are recommending that people that are younger than age 7, older than 54 or have a pre-existing medical condition not travel.


Greetings All!


I wanted to let all of you know that I just got off the phone with the CDC. I wanted them to clarify "non-essential travel" as it pertains to our situation. As of now they would not recommending that we cancel wedding plans as we have invested a lot of time and money in planning (therefore it is essential to us). I do understand that many of you have families that are your number one priority and that our wedding is not considered as essential to you as it is to us. Please know that we are monitoring this very closely. I will call the CDC back in a few days and will give you another update. A lot can change in 7 days.


The CDC did make several recommendations for those that still plan on traveling:


1. Call your doctor and tell them you are traveling to Mexico. Request a prescription for Tamiflu for Relenza to take with you. You will have it on hand should you start to develop any symptoms which will drastically reduce your infection. If necessary ask for several disposible masks to take with you (these will be great for pictures!).


2. Call your health insurance provider to make sure that you have coverage in Mexico should you need to visit a doctor or hospital. There is a doctor on-site at the Royal, but I have also be provided you with the information for the closest hospitals in Playa del Carmen below:


- Clinica Medica del Carmen - Medical Service in Playa del Carmen

Hospital services: 984-873-0885

Location: 25th Ave. between Calle 2 and Juarez


- Hospiten - Medical Service in Playa del Carmen

Full hospital with all medical and emergency services: 984-803-1002

Location: Hwy 307 on the North bound side near the Playacar entrance


3. Take all regular precautionary flu measures (i.e. wash your hands often or use antibacterial lotion (with 60% alcohol or more), sneeze into your sleeve, not your hand and don't shake hands with a lot of people, etc).


4. Monitor your health for seven days after your return.


They did not say that pregnant women should not travel. What they did say is that should you decide to go you need to take extra precautionary measures (have antibacterial lotion on you at all times and possibly wear a mask). If you happen to contract the virus it would be worse for you than others considering some people have had 103 degree temperatures. Please consult your doctor and make the best decision for you and your family.


For those that haven't already done this and plan to go to Playa, please register your travel with the US Department of State (https://travelregistration.state.gov/ibrs/ui/). Registration allows you to record information about your upcoming trip abroad so that the Department of State can assist you in case of an emergency.

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lsuangel25, this is a good email - i may just copy and paste in a couple of days... only that were getting married in PV on the 20th. i really hope that this gets controlled within a couple of days.

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