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Deadly swine flu virus in Mexico

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We booked our flights directly with Delta and our hotel directly with Wyndham. I would hope that those who booked with a company could at least reschedule or get a voucher without penalty.

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hey guys, me again...I honestly havent read all of the posts from today since i last posted here...but again...


DH AND I ARE IN MEXICO RIGHT NOW...and we are totally fine...we still have 2 friends down with us, the rest left today...and have made it back to Denver just fine.


DH and I changed hotels (which was all planned) we moved from Vallarta Palace in Nuevo Vallarta to Casa Velas in Puerto Vallarta..we have not seen one person here, local or native freaking out or wearing a mask or anything.


we did have 2 guests who left today say that might ask for amask on the flight back but they were not freaked about it all.


really, the resorts are DEAD...so we have the entire resort basically to ourselves. now, i am not saying it is totally safe here but we are taking precautions...we may not go totown and just hang out in the resort, and stuff like that...


BUT really from what we have seen...the US media is making this WAY worse than it really is...trust me we are here in Mexico right now!!!!! and i am not freaked at all!!! from what i have seen tourist zones are fine...again though we have not been to the airport at all here...i will have areport later though about our families experience leaving mexico today....


just be calm all...seriously the media is really hyping this...

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Hey ~ big thanks to those of you posting from Mexico. It is so thoughtful of you to think of us while you are on your trips. Hope you are having a great time! Drink some margaritas for me!

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I am right there with all you girls - I leave on June 6th and have also been inundated with e-mails/phone calls from concerned guests. I feel this is all blown out-of-proportion. Being a doctor myself, I really don't think there is reason to alarm at this moment beyond taking careful precautions. However, even though I'm trying to keep a level-head about all this, my emotions are definitely taking over -- destination weddings are not supposed to be this much stress!!!!

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Hey gals, ok in a brief lull of calm I wrote an email to my guests. Parts came from Yamille's helpful email - thank you girl rolleyes.gif. Here's what I sent to my guests -- feel free to use if it helps. I'm hoping all us Mexico brides will pull through this and our weddings will go on as planned ~ I'm so thankful to have all of you to talk, vent, cry, etc. about this hug2.gif



Greetings Friends and Family,


The wedding countdown has begun and we are ecstatic! But we are also now anxious as we witness the swine flu issue unfold.


We are keenly aware that it could have an impact on our plans, and are in close contact with our wedding coordinator and sorting out what our options are should this issue not resolve itself within the next 60 days (** FYI - our wedding is in 60 days).


The initial response to the swine flu is for the government and health agencies to take prompt precaution, issuing warnings and alerts to those traveling in and out of Mexico, or anywhere in general. With this issue being in its fairly early stages, we can only take a wait and see approach, and assess the facts as they come in. Because the situation is very fluid, things change hour by hour and what may seem to be of utmost urgency now may simply fizzle out in the coming weeks.


That being said, the heart of this problem seems to stem from Mexico City -- which is more than 800 miles from the Cancun area, add that to the 80+ miles to Akumal. So far there have been no reported cases of anyone in the Riveria Maya area carrying the virus. There was mention of some students in New York who had traveled to Cancun some two weeks ago that returned home with the virus, but with drastically mild cases compared to those in Mexico City and all are already on the road to recovery. Take into consideration that Mexico City is also the most populated city in the world and not nearly as equipped with the quick medical response as the Cancun area, the country's #1 tourist spot. My coordinator, who is a Newport Beach native, has said the Cancun/Riviera Maya as not been affected thus far and all is operating normally, including tourist travel throughout the Yucutan.


We are all on baited breath, hoping this will all work itself out for the best and that our long awaited and anticipated celebration will go forward as planned. We will be creating a page full of update information on the Swine Flu on our wedding website by tomorrow evening, and will continuously update it as more official information is released. As soon as we get a better handle of this situation, we will send out an official email update on how, if at all, our wedding plans will be affected. Hopefully we will know more in the next two weeks.


In the meantime, we are channeling the most positive energy and prayers to our destination, and we kindly ask that you do the same!


With Love,

MarieSam & Tommy

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oh you've gotta be kidding me..


7:10pm: Ben Casselman reports: Dallas County health officials have confirmed three cases of swine flu and three more “probable” cases, according to the department’s Web site. The Dallas County city of Richardson will close an elementary school for the rest of the week after a student was diagnosed with swine flu, a school district spokeswoman said. The 250-student school has one probable case and one “suspected” case of swine flu.


It was not immediately clear how the Richardson cases were counted in the Dallas County total. None of the Dallas cases appeared to be included in the three flu cases in south central Texas confirmed by state health officials. None of the Richardson students have required hospitalization. The district made the decision to close Canyon Creek Elementary School on Monday afternoon after consulting with county health officials.

We live in Dallas COunty... just waiting for those calls to come rolling in... I have a bridal luncheon on Wednesday with a bunch of my Grandma's friends and my sister and FMIL... if they bring this up I think I will flip the F out on them right in the middle of the Denton Country Club!!! LOL



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Hey girls


I just sent out an e-mail to our guests to try and stop the crazy talks behind our backs and address the issue, thought I would post for you guys in case some of you want to take from it and send your own.


Hello everyone


We thought that it was a good idea to send everyone an e-mail as a little hello to our fellow wedding guests. The countdown has begun for our wedding weekend and we are absolutely thrilled to have you all a part of the celebration! As you can imagine the last few weeks of planning and excitement have kicked in and we are in full wedding mode at this time..... but we are also now incredibly anxious as we assume many of you are as well. As we witness the swine flu issue unfold we are keenly aware that it could have an impact on our plans. We are in close contact with our travel agent and he is handling calls to the hotel and tour agency to determine what our options will be should this issue not resolve itself in the upcoming week. We are well aware that this goes beyond our own budget and dreams of having a beautiful destination wedding and into our friends and families lives, schedules, health and pocketbooks and we want to let you know that we have all of you in mind as we follow the reports and think through our options.


As you can imagine we never would have been prepared for something like this nor would the hotel so any options for a contingency plan will likely present themselves over the next few days. That being said we feel our best course of action is to let this unfold, see where it lands and then make a decision of how to move forward.


We also believe that over the next few days the outlook will get worse before it gets better. Our hope is that this gets in control, the fire alarms lessen and our wedding can continue as usual. Right now the media makes it seem like we are not safe anywhere in the world let alone in Mexico...including the USA!!


We are doing our best to channel positive energy to our Mexican destination as well as our own country so that they can get this under control, people are cured of this "flu", the fears go away and we can safely move forward as planned. We ask you to do the same!!!!


We have yet to tell many of you how grateful we are that you are joining us in Mexico and right now we are just really hoping that we will get to move forward as planned.


Love you all

Stephanie & Gabe

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