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To all the mommys out there...Please help!

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Alright, here I am being the bitchy rebel again....but if theres ANYthing on this earth I know, it's babies.


I know you said you've tried letting him cry it out. But I'm here to tell ya....you ain't tried long enough.


The fact that he stops immediately when you pick him up means he's fine, so rationally you know this. But what you have to do is let him cry girl. He makes himself sick? Guess what, his lil' behind will stop doing it after a few times of puking all over himself and having to get cleaned up. OOoh, that sounds harsh, I know..as I'm typing it I am reading and shaking my head at myself. But believe me, one of my boys was EXACTLY like this, and now they are 3 1/2, and I can still see the aspects of his personality that went INTO this behavior he demonstrated at 9 months. Kellen would cry until he was literally gasping, throwing up and rattling the crib. All over me taking fifteen minutes to bathe or do some chore. It ruled my life.....until my mother came over one night and FORCED me to stop letting him do it to me.


It's not hurting him. Even crying to the point he makes himself sick. Keep the door open, moniter with you and listen..if he throws up, go wipe him off, take off the sheets or whatever and go back to what you were doing. It's a few minutes, not hours. He'll adjust. Make sure he's somewhere safe and upright and let his lil' ass cry. I am not even joking, I swore to her.. "Mom, this isn't gonna work. you don't know how stubborn he is.." But this was a woman who had raised 9 of us, and mine were grandchildren #'s 9, 10, 11 and 12. She knew what she was talking about, and so do I. Three days. THREE. Two vomiting episodes, and he stopped. He got to the point where I'd leave the room, and he would start getting wound up...then cry for a couple of minutes before SEEING that the same pattern was about to repeat itself as the day before. And he stopped.


Wait him out. The problem most of us have as parents is hating to see them "suffer". Feeling the pain of hearing them cry. It's hard. I know. But believe me...its not hurting him, you need your sanity, and he has to learn.

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OMG Savannah, you always crack me up! I really need to start doing this. It breaks my heart, but I need to be able to resist his cries. I will let you know how it works out. Thank you for making me laugh!

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