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Leaving in 48 hours!

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Okay so I haven't been really active on this site especially since we planned the wedding in two months! We cancelled our more traditional wedding because I became suprisingly pregnant halfway into our engagement (7 and a half months now!) for a much more laid back wedding at ROR.

But I have constantly read all your helpful info and thought I would do a final breakdown of everything before I leave in case it helps some of you or if you have questions or even if you have tips to give me before I leave!


Dress: Altered Graduation dress in bright pink that makes me feel very pretty in my very pregnant state:)


Groom is in white button down shirt and khakis.

Wedding Party: Two flower girls and a ring bearer. We affectively fired the rest of them hahah We originally had 4 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen but that is half of the people coming so we needed someone to watch! They understood:)


Guests: 17 in total including 3 children


Ceremony: Probably about 15 minutes in length. We wrote it ourselves and finished our vows last night.


Dinner: Going with the free Mammee Bay reception (planning to do our first Dance there. Has anyone done this or know if it is possible?


Music: We bought an ipod stereo for $40 and downloaded all our playlists. I also made a backup cd in case the ipod decides not to work.


Photography: Booked Michael for an hour and 45 minutes


Videography: We bought a video camera for $300 and will have FH mom tape it. We thought it was a better investment since we will soon have lots of baby firsts to videotape!


Guestbook: Impromptu last minute addition. We made it out of a scrapbook and put fun pages in it like draw a pic of yourself, give the couple some advice, what is the most embarassing thing they have done ect... We will pass it around at supper since I hear it can go for 2 1/2- 3 hours long so people have something fun to do:)


Flowers: Need to decide those when I get there...


Hair appointment: Booked- will do my own makeup


Centrepieces: 4 glass bowls with floating tropical flower candles and three small candle holders that will hold sand and sparklers for our first dance. P.S. do you think they will allow sparklers at Mammee Bay? I cannot see a reason for them not to but what do you guys think?


Favors: These were my favorite part hahaha Personalized BPA FREE waterbottles in red for everyone. We filled them up with mini hand sanitizer, herbal essences shampoo and conditioner, jolly ranchers and life savers, a map of the hotel (That I got from here!) and an informational newsletter for everyone.

On the newsletter we included:

The time and date of our wedding and a general what to expect such as a reception following and such

Names of drinks to try

Exchange rate

average temp

How much a taxi should cost to certain places people want to go like dunn's river, margaritaville etc...

Where atms are located plus their associated fees.

Foods to try

What type of souvenirs to get such as rum cream, appleton rum, etc...

Numbers for private tours such as lee's

And then just little tidbits like what night to expect beach party night and all that jazz...


And I think that is it! Do you guys think I have missed anything? We are not having any extras like chair covers or anything because we have lots of baby stuff to buy when we get back:)


We also have one whole suitcases full of sand/beach toys for everyone hahaha When we went to Dominican Republic last year we were sad we never thought to bring any so I think we are prepared this time. Well that is all. Any questions or advice is welcome!

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