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Lynds Dreams Cancun Wedding Review April 17, 2009

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Oh my gosh, I don't even know how to start! Let me start by saying it truly was the best day of my life and I am so excited for everyone who is going to get married there!



The resort was wonderful! When we arrived I was very stressed because I had been carrying my dress all day which was not light! They were very welcoming when we got there and right away I had a glass of champagne in my hand as I was checking in! It was much needed! Once we checked in, we went to our room which was covered in rose petals and they had a bottle of champagne in there waiting for us! Everyone who worked there was incredibly friendly! Right away I asked to speak with Cecilia and within minutes she was there to greet me. We made an appointment to meet the next day at 10:00. I felt at ease with her right away. That first day we just walked around trying to get a feel for the resort. We had about 15 people with us that first day so we just went to that World Cafe to eat because it was easy to get a table with all of us. I will say that I was not impressed at all with their food. We did eat breakfast there everyday which was fabulous but I did not really love it for dinner. I did not eat at a lot of the restaurants because I ordered a lot of room service funny enough. Some of the people we were with ate at Seaside Grill which they really liked! I heard mixed reviews on Oceana and no one liked Himitsu. Someone said they had really warm sushi and it makes me sick to think about it! A lot of us would just order from the outside grill during the day by the pool because it was easy and delicious!



She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met and right away I felt at ease with her. We met the following day at 10:00 and went over every detail. I had an idea of everything I wanted but she had pictures of everything again so really I pretty much planned the whole wedding in about an hour! She was really nice about helping if you had certain colors of flowers in mind. The only problem I think we had was we wanted to use a projector because my parents had made a video for us and we wanted to show it at the reception. The projector was incredibly expensive so my dad went off the resort to find one and I don't think she was too happy about that. I don't know the details because he took care of it but I think they may have exchanged words! The video ended up being wonderful. The only thing that I am nervous about now is getting the video that was shot during the wedding. We left the next day after our wedding to go to the Riviera Maya and she just kept putting me off about getting the video. She just emailed me and said that she will send it to my house so I am keeping my fingers crossed! All in all, she did a great job and if I needed anything at all she was there right away!


Meet and Greet

The majority of our guests got there on Wednesday so we did a meet and greet in the lobby bar. We did a lot of hanging out in that lobby bar! I think the may have been very excited to see all of us go! They had to stop serving tequila poppers during the week because we just kept ordering them! We had a pretty crazy group! The people that worked there were wonderful about letting us put tables together for everyone. It was so much fun to have everyone there finally! That night a bunch of us ended up going out to a place called The City. And I will say if you go out in Cancun please please have lots of people with you. We had two guys that were with us get mugged. One was actually in the club! Luckily they were okay but it did make me nervous.



We are so lucky because my uncle ended up getting a whole party boat cruise for us the day before our wedding. It was a boat for about 250 people and we had just our 45 on it! It was way too much fun. I was lucky I didn't have to mess with trying to go to a restaurant that night for a rehearsal dinner. But we were going to go to Oceana to begin with and they just said as long as you are there right when they open they can usually accomodate everyone! Before the cruise we did a short rehearsal with Cecilia. Everyone got in order and walked down the aisle. I also gave her a CD with all of my music for the ceremony on it! She went through a trial run of the ceremony and it was very quick and easy!



Oh my gosh I wish I could relive this day over and over again. I cannot tell you how wonderful everything turned out! We started the day getting our couples massage that morning which was nice but I of course could not relax because I was thinking of everything I needed to do. I then went and showered and then went to the salon to get my hair and makeup done. I had pictures of what I wanted and knew I wanted it all up because it is sooooo windy up there at the gazebo. She did exactly what I wanted and it stayed the whole day! My makeup looked fabulous! I actually started to cry when I saw it! I was so excited. I then went and brought everything to my friends room because all of us girls were going to get ready in there and all of the guys got ready in our room. It was great because from my friends room we had a perfect view of the gazebo so we got to see them setting everything up which was so exciting. We used Cecilia Dumas for our photographer who I cannot say enough good things about! I will write more on her later but she was so WONDERFUL! She came around 3 and started taking pictures in our room. She then moved on to the boys room and took pics there! In the meantime, Cecilia brought the flowers to our room. They were so beautiful. At that time everything started to hit me and I could tell I would be doing a lot of crying! When the photographer came back I got in my dress and she took more pics. Finally we could see that all of the guests were sitting and we got the phone call to come downstairs. As soon as I stepped outside my veil went flying off my head. It is that windy! But Cecilia fixed it and it ended up being just fine. I did have to like hold it under my arms but it was fine and it looked beautiful. I walked down to Somewhere over the Rainbow and it was so perfect! I just think it is the perfect song! I didn't want anything special for the minister to say. I just figure they do this everyday and I am sure they know just what to do. Thank goodness for the microphone or else no one would have heard a thing. Honestly at times it was a little hard to understand what she was saying but it was a beautiful ceremony. Lots of tears were shed!


Cecilia Dumas

Oh my gosh I don't even know where to begin because she was so fabulous! She did a great job at directing us! We went to the lighthouse after the ceremony to do wedding party pics. I could not stop laughing because we were climbing over rocks and it was like extreme wedding photography:) Once those were done she took pics of just Nick and I. She told us they would be ready by Monday but we were leaving for the Riviera Maya the next day so she ended up coming to our resort that we were at Monday and gave us our pictures! She was so nice to do that! And I am OBSESSED with our pictures. I think they are the best wedding pictures that I have ever seen in my whole life. I may be a little biased but I have stared at them for like hours. She did such a wonderful job. She got every moment. From the ceremony to the reception! I loved loved loved her. I would hire her for everything if I could! I am going to post some soon but I just am trying to get through this first!



When we finally got back after pictures we all sat down to eat. The food was okay. We had fajitas and surf and turf. We did the tortilla soup and caesar salad. The risotto was the big hit though! It was so delicious. We had tirimisu and cheesecake for dessert along with the wedding cake of course! I was not a fan of the cake and either was nick. I didn't even notice if anyone else ate it. I was so glad we did not upgrade to a bigger cake. We used Mannia for our DJ and honestly I would not do it again. First off we had a video so we did not use him for like 30 minutes. Then he just kept playing like 70s and 80s music. When we would ask him if he had a certain song he usually didn't. Then Nick and I pretty much MC'd most of our reception. It was so stressful. We would have to announce everything. I thought the point of a DJ is that they would take care of that for you but they did not. It made it so it was hard to even enjoy the reception because I was so stressed about fitting everything in to the alotted time. If I could do it all over I would just use an IPOD. At least then I know I would like the songs. After the reception we all went to the lobby bar and kept up the party! Everyone ended up going out that night to DaddyOs. It was so much fun! It seriously was one of the best days of my life and I wish I could do it again.


Well I think that sums it up. If you guys have any questions just let me know and I will be happy to answer any of them! Good luck to you all and I am seriously so excited for you guys!

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great review, cant wait for the pics! you tease wink.gif

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Aww I am so happy for you! Congrats! :-)

Thanks for doing a Review :-) I am also using Cecila Dumas, So I can't wait to see your pics!!!

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Congratulations!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the day and the resort and everything! I leave in a week and now i'm more excited than ever!!!!


can't wait to see your pictures!!!

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