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Newbie!!!!!!! RIU Palace Cabo

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Originally Posted by julzcabo View Post

2.estimated wedding date- May 29, 2010
3.wedding location-Cabo, Mexico

I'm thinking of getting married at the RIU palace. I'm worried about the quality of the wedding if I have it at this resort. Please feel free to give me any feedback. Does anybody know how much it cost to have a private reception dinner there? I think the terrace is like $500 to rent, does that include food and drinks? What about other areas in the resort? Did anyone opt for the semi private dinner? How did that work out?

Hi Julie,

Congrats on your upcoming wedding!! Im also getting married in Cabo next in April of next year. I know how frustrating it can be to try to figure all of this out and you can't find any answers! I was going to have my wedding at Riu but I went with Dreams instead. Although I havn't been to either, I have heard that Riu is a beautiful resort. I'm sure you will have an excellent time. What I have gathered is that Riu charges an additional $500 for a private reception (I don't think its an option for the ceremony). The $500 only covers drinks if your reception is at one of the resturants so if you have it on the Terrace, you should be fine. Howver, if you choose a place that is not connected to a resturant, you will be charged pp for food and/or drinks (I think it $10 pp per hour for drinks). I'm not sure how muschit is for food per person (somewhere around $20 to $30 pp). I hope this helps.

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