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Excellence Gazebo or Beach Wedding

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I am also getting married at Excellence this July. I've been there twice. Which one you decide depends on your preferences and amount of people attending. Do you mind/want to have sand on you or your dress? lol Do you prefer garden surroundings or the beach scene? The gazebo is close to the beach and I'm sure the photographer can get the beach into your ceremony pictures even if you use the gazebo. And lastly, the gazebo is not huge (it is beautiful though) and I can't see a large group (30+) witnessing a ceremony there, it would be a bit cramped. The beach is better suited for larger groups because there is unlimited space.

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Originally Posted by BlakleyBrideToBe View Post
Thanks for the info.

We are only have 8 people, but we both love the beach scene. So I should go with the beach ceremony. I have about 1000 more questions but I'll post them later.

Thanks again

Also check out the Excellence Brides thread on the board, there are many of us on that list that will get email updates with your questions!



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