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I am not sure because we did not spring for the butler but some advise as far as tipping goes.... Take cash and some smaller bills. We had sooo much trouble getting money and denomination less than $20!

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I think the standard is between 20-25 dollars per day. But I would say it depends on how much you use them. I have researched this alot too as I am staying in a suite that includes a butler. Hope that helps!

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In general the recommended amount is 20-50 per day. It'll depend on what butler category you are in, how much the butlers do for you throughout the day ect!


A few things about the Butlers that you may not have known-


They are trained by the English Guild of Butlers, same place where they train the Butlers for the Queen of England!Sandals pays for this training.


Butlers are tested every other year and have to pass to keep their certification!


Your Butler will do your check in in your suite -this is after they provide you a cool scented cloth and glass of champagne or your favorite beverage!


You can pre select your preferences before traveling so that your butlers can assist in having them on hand for your arrival!


They will book and escort you to your restaurant of choice each evening if you chose!


They will reserve the prime beach or pool spots for you each day and provide you with a cooler of your favorite beverages!


You will have a phone to contact your Butler so if you need anything (forgot your sunblock or book in your room, want to book a spa appoinment, want a snack) they will take care of it!


A study was done where it found that by having a Butler it saved a couple typically 36 hours of vacation time over the course of a 7 day vacation!


Butler suites have upgraded amenities and stocked min bar!


Butlers will iron an outfit for you!


Butlers can book spa treatments and excursions for you !This can be a huge time saver!


Butler suites typically have an upgraded room service menu!


Butlers will set up in suite dinning for you!


Butler suite at some Sandals properties offer 4 course dining at Gordons on the Pier !


The Butlers do not stay in the room with you~ they are available by phone so you still have your privacy!


There are two Butler shifts daily!



The first few years Sandals introduced Butler service they had a hard time keeping Butlers....the guests loved them so much they'd hire them and take them home!


The list goes on and on ........doesn't it just sound like your every care and desire is taken care of!

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