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Own photographer at Sensatori Resort

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Hi all,


Wonder if anone could help me? I am looking to book my wedding here over the next few days with a UK tour operator. My question is:

The do the same packages as on Sensatori website i.e Silver & Gold as far as I can tell the only difference is that with the gold you get 36 photo's and blood tests, The difference in price is £700GBP is that worth 36 photo's taken by god knows who or can I book my own photographer out there and if so has anyone experienced any good companies and their approx prices?


Many thanksin advance for your help.


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Hey Nicole,

I'm getting married at the Sensatori and my thoughts are exactly the same as yours - 36 pictures for all that money?? So, I've chosen the silver wedding package and hired an outside vendor, but like TA Maureen said, there is a fee of $500 US for that. The sensatori does have some photographers that they have contracts with - so the $500 wouldn't apply if you went with them. I believe they have them listed on the website, so you could research them to see if you like their work.

Hope that helps....somewhat. If you have any specific questions just let me know!

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Hi Nicole,


I am getting married at the Sensatori next Sunday and we had the same issues regarding a photographer. They are now only allowing the select few they contract with to be able to do the photography at the resort. I know they have some (which are really good), but the one I liked was not allowed. Plus, to pay $500 per day is pretty crazy. We decided to bring our own photographer from home and pay for his trip as this was cheaper for us, plus we have him the whole weekend instead of for a couple of hours. Also, since we are doing this he is technically a guest of the resort so they can't charge the $500 fee.

Just have your TA double check for you on an approved vendor before booking....also, the contracted photographers have different pkgs than the silver/gold which is good!

I hope that helps a little.



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