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Bodybugg for sale (to get ready for that beach wedding dress)

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The biggest loser competition has motivated me to start using my Bodybugg again and I realized why I love it so much! It has been really helpful to me as Iâ€ve lost and kept off 40lbs over the last year and a half. For my birthday last year I upgraded from my old bugg (the one Iâ€m selling) to the newer one with a watch display and this little guy has just been sitting in his box under the sofa gathering dust. So rather than have it continue to do nothing I wanted to offer it to any upcoming brides trying to adopt healthier eating and exercising habits as they approach “the big dayâ€.


Iâ€m asking $30.00 as is and I'll get you a quote for shipping depending on where you live. Probably $3 or 4 bucks USPS.


I would love to see someone have the same success with it that I had. The cheapest version I saw on E-Bay was $41 with 11 bids and 2 days remaining so I think this is a good deal.


Your $30 includes:

•2 Armbands (Med & Large) One is new, the other lightly worn.

•1 Bodybugg, with packaging (original version, aprox. 4 years old, used for aprox 18 months)

•1 Wireless Charger

•1 Instruction booklet

•1 Blank Apex Fitness Health Tracker Guide (Just a little wallet size book that includes common food item nutrition information and a daily tracking record)



What this does not include:

•The online membership required by Apex to upload your data from the bodybugg and track your food consumption. I want to make it very clear that this WILL NOT WORK without a subscription. You can go to Welcome to myApex! for more information. I think the subscription is $100 for 6 months but I'm not sure. I'm at the monthly plan now and it's 14.99. If you decide you really like it and want to upgrade to one with more bells and whistles (like watches…..) you donâ€t have to pay the initial subscription fee again, just the monthly fee.

•Depending on the size of your upper arm you may need a larger/smaller arm band. These can be purchased from Apex for about $10. There are two included.



Hereâ€s a description of the whole Bodybugg concept (I borrowed this description-much easier than writing my own)

It's all calories in vs. calories out. Bodybugg® - the world's most intelligent calorie management system.

Bodybugg takes the guesswork out of weight loss by monitoring your calorie expenditure and consumption using the most sophisticated consumer body monitoring capabilities available on the market today. You always know when you need to move more or eat less. In studies comparing calorie expenditure measurements from the Bodybugg device to calorie expenditure measurements in a metabolic chamber (the "gold standard" of calorie expenditure measurement), the Bodybugg achieved average accuracy rates of 92%.

It's easy- just manage your average daily caloric deficit number.

It's flexible- eat what you want when you want. Work out on your own terms.

It's personal- no more guessing. you determine how many calories you want to burn to reach your goal.


The apex site is Welcome to myApex! for information about how to sign up for the program.


If there is any interest in this I can post a couple pictures of the bugg and of me wearing it-I just don't have any ready now. This was working the last time I used it-because of the way the program is set up it will only let me sync with my current bugg but if for some reason this isn't working I'll gladly send your money back.

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