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Bridal Shower Guest List- help!!!

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I want to start by saying that I don't even want a bridal shower! lol...I don't like being the centre of attention and I especially don't like opening gifts in front of people. So, of course...just because it's me...I'm suddenly having 3 SHOWERS THROWN FOR ME!!!! Ack!!!!! A little more information: We are having our ceremony in Mexico and a huge (250 ) AHR when we return. Here's the dilemma: One of the ladies that is throwing a shower for me isn't even on the invite list. Her Mom and Dad are but she wasn't (she didn't invite me to hers either). No problem, we'll add her to it since she's being gracious enough to want to host a shower for me. Well, she emailed me the other day with a list of everyone that she wants to invite...I know everyone on the list (all friends of the family..mostly of my parents) and more than half of them are unfortunately not on the invite list for either celebration. We can not extend invitations to all of these people as well as we are at room capacity for our AHR. I talked to my Mom and told her that I felt weird about being the centre of attention at a shower where so many people weren't even invited. Her response? "Who cares? It doesn't matter here in Lambeth (our close nit hockey community) and I know they won't feel offended, they will want to celebrate your wedding and will be happy for an excuse to all get together" I know this is true but I'm still iffy about it!!!


What do you think? Is it ok to have a shower where some of the guests aren't invited to the wedding? Has anyone "been there done that" before and everything turned out ok?

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