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Help Ceremony To do's

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Hello, So I'm not your conventional bride. I'm not having a bridal shower, I don't want kids in my wedding as flower girls or ring barrers, so that gives me a big problem. I do not know what I want to do for the wedding ceremony. I really don't want the whole dog and pony show where people stand up and read a verse or you walk around and light candles.. I don't know I've always found most weddings I went to so long and boring and I know that 's not what I want..


I know I need a little more than march down the aisle ... here's a ring, here's a ring, I'll love you forever, I'll love you forever ... Kiss and then we're done.. but I want something fun and unique and not something even I the bride will roll my eyes at.


I'm not very traditional or religious, but If you have any suggestions of something unique to do during the ceremony let me know.


*Sorry if i come off sarcastic and rude to you brides who want a long traditional wedding, I just know it's not me. *

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Hi Jessica,


My brother just got married this past weekend & for their ceremony they had the person marrying them tell/ recite the story of how my brother & his fiance met. It was a cute way to fill everyone in on "their story", especially since each sides' guest didn't really know the bride (or groom) before the wedding since their families/friends live on opposite sides of the country.

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