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Ayita very LONG and detailed planning - Lots of pics !

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Wow, That was great. Thank you!!! I just got engaged and we are planning our wedding for January 2013. We live in Tahoe. I saw you were a Cali girl, so thought we may have similiar taste. I love Le Reve. Here are my questions.


How many guests did you have? What rates did you get for rooms? Did it seem loud with everyone staying there? Would you have changed anything? Did you all stay there? What vendors are better outside of the wedding? I don't want it to be cheesy. What did you do for music? Was there good dancing space?


Congratulations to you guys!!!!!! Any info or suggestions would be great! Do you think Le REve is the best spot? I really like it but think we are going to have about 60 people so I feel bad asking some people to stay next door. Maybe I will send the rowdy ones over there.

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