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**Dreams VILLAMAGNA- Post Info Here!**

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Ok I'm *bumping* this thread because this resort doesn't get enough credit!!! I was always unsure of the resort because there wasn't a lot of information, but I had my wedding there and it was beautiful!! We didn't hire any outside vendors, it was all done through the resort and was INCREDIBLE.  The spa did my hair and make-up and it was fantastic...and I am pretty picky about both, but took a chance and am glad I did!!! The wedding coordinator was perfect and a true pro, the food was excellent and the photographer was great....the final pics were amazing!!  They really treat their brides like queens :) If we were to do it all over, we would still pick this resort!



Please do not hesitate when considering Dream Villamagna!

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Thanks for the bump margin123, Dreams VM is at the top of my list for both accommodations and the ceremony/reception, and I just don't feel like there is enough information on it!!! Do you have any pictures that you can share, or a final review of the place? I can't find anything recent, all of the reviews that I've seen date back to when the resort first opened and I'm wondering if some things have changed in the last couple of years...


Anyway, thanks!!!

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hi everyone! my fiance and i are getting married at dreams VM may 10 2012. any other dreams VM brides this year? im getting worried with the recent amount of negative trip advisor reviews!


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Hello! I am getting married there 11/2/12!!


I've been to Puerto Vallarta, but never a Dreams resort. I was deciding between Dreams Villamagna and Dreams Puerto Vallarta, and settled on Villamagna. I was lucky enough to have my parents in PVR recently and they were more than willing to check out both places for me - Villamagna won by a landslide!


All of the amazing photos I come across seem to be from weddings at the PV location so I was a bit surprised when I heard Villamagna had better service, cleaner facilities and was at a better price point! They were certain our guests would be blown away by the hospitality and attention to detail.


It seems as if this thread has died down but I would love to see some photos from other Dreams VM weddings!


My wedding is next November and we are expecting about 45 guests. We are planning on having the cermony on the preferred beach area with a rooftop reception!

The free wedding package is tempting, but we've decided on the Ultimate wedding package to make sure our guests know their trip to Mexico to support our marriage is appreciated.


I would love to hear from any Dreams VM bride!


Happy Wedding Planning! :D

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I was nervous too! But not anymore..

I am lucky to have parents that frequent PVR, and they checked it out for me. They stopped in for the afternoon and seemed to get the royal treatment from everyone in the resort - including Estephania the wedding coordinator!! My mother said the place was spotless and you could practically eat off the floors - which surprised me because she can be very particular about those things.

I had to remind myself that most people only want to write reviews when they have something negative to say and this place probably did have hiccups at the beginning, but you'll have that with any new resort.


In case you can't tell by all the exclaimation points, I am really excited!

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I am planning my wedding October 2012 at Dreams Villamagna. I have some questions for past brides. I am going to have about 16 guests. I am on a tight budget!!  I am planning on doing the Free package, and than having reception dinner at one of the resturants afterwards.... if that is posible? Has anyone done this?  I am sure there would be a charge for the group reservation.

Does anyone have a picture of the Paradise (Free) package? What it look's like before adding stuff? Wondering what it look's like so I know what flowers to add etc.

Did anyone do the coctail hr after the wedding? is it worth the money?

Any info would be great ;)  

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The night before our wedding, we parked outselves by the pool and watched one that was gorgeous - whites and purples, it really matched the scenery there.


We got married off-site in Nuevo Vallarta, but our group of 30 stayed here and LOVED LOVED LOVED IT. If you're thinking about going here, this is a faaaabulous resort for a wedding group - large or small - because there is something for everyone. The beach is one of the best beaches I've ever seen with plenty of palapas and lounge chairs (quite a few guests shopped for jewelry/swimsuit coverups or got massages), the pools are at different temperatures so they have something for everyone, it is a very quick trip over to Vallarta Adventures if you want to swim with the dolphins or the sea lions or go on an excursion (which a lot of our guests took advantage of), the food and drinks just keep flowing freely (hollaaa), and the rooms actually look like they do in pictures. Seriously. I attached some photos that show pictures of the grounds, some have people in them but you can still get a feel for what it all looks like.


I second every single person that says --- if you're on the fence about this resort, it was a LIFE. SAVER. I have stayed at 4 resorts in the PV / NV area and this one was by far the best for a group like this!!




The view from our room, 1717. (Just FYI, the lower numbered rooms have a better view of the ocean, i.e. my parents in room 1702 had a GREAT view straight down the pools. Every ocean view is killer, though!!!)



The breakfast bar setup, as viewed from the pool. Clealy I had priorities, haha.  Pool > Breakfast.



View of the resort from the beach - the ones on the right are all condo buildings, the "hotel" part is the last resort at the back, seen in the left hand side of the picture. No complaints about it.



PLEEEASE go up to Gohan Sky Bar at sunset. We had our entire group meet up here (informally) the first night that we were all there, and it was one of my favorite memories of the trip. We met at 6:30 to have a "quick drink before dinner" and people started leaving to go to dinner at 9:00. Seriously, that awesome.



View of the pools, they do water aerobics! My new inlaws did it every day, even 82-year-old "Wild Wilma" aka Grandma :) You can see her sitting on the step, doin her thing.



The resort at night - grounds are kept up really, really well.



Mexican Fiesta night - mariachi and all!



This is what the room actually looks like. It is outstanding. (Be ready to have not a lot of bathroom privacy though, lol, just fogged-out glass doors. :)



Room service was fantastic. Also, this is a view from a lower-numbered room. My sister-in-law and her boyfriend were in room 1401 (4th floor) and you can see how the room is different from our room, which was 1717 (7th floor)



Yes, the jacuzzis on the balcony are totally worth it. My bridesmaids spent pretty much all day in them while I was getting hair & makeup done.



View from Gohan Sky Bar.



Okay, had to include this one. PLEASE, for the love of pictures like this, book an excursion with Vallarta Adventures while you are there. Hubby and I did this on our honeymoon and I actually enjoyed the sea lion encounter more than the dolphin one!! The concierge at the hotel can give you more info!


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