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Moon Palace Cancun Mexico April 11, 2009 **PRO PICS added to 1st post 5/7/09**

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#101 marta0331

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    Posted 20 May 2010 - 11:03 AM

    THANK YOU Soooo much! this info is so helpful you have no idea! i am very glad that you posted so much info-the more the better. Thanks again.

    #102 MrsC2be

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      Posted 30 June 2010 - 04:53 PM

      Your wedding looks fab!! You have completely reassured me as we have booked for a beach wedding and were concerned about the reviews of the beach. Your review has been so helpful, we are sooo excited! Thanks xx

      #103 msjulie5475

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        Posted 09 July 2010 - 04:18 PM

        Originally Posted by cutierosie

        Click the image to open in full size.

        When I initially decided to book with the Moon Palace, my fianc© wanted us to book the Deluxe Package because he wanted to know exactly how much we were going to spend (he was afraid that we would go way over budget otherwise) and so we bought the Deluxe Package.

        However, I then realized that there are no substitutions, so if you want a bouquet that is not one of the bouquets available in the package, you actually have to buy the bouquet in its entirety (i.e. they don’t give you a credit), so you end up paying twice for that item. The thought of me being restricted in terms of what I wanted did not settle well with me, nor the idea of having to pay twice for what I wanted. Also, there were some items like corsages etc that I didn’t need. I also made a cost evaluation of the items we would need and going for the deluxe was cheaper by a very little margin.

        Therefore, I decided to ask my wedding coordinator in Miami to change me from the Deluxe to the Free Wedding Package. We had paid for the Deluxe Package already, so they just issued us a refund and gave us an entire new wedding contract.


        As I mentioned previously, the contract provided for a wedding coordinator 90 days before the wedding, but I wanted to choose my private functions and locations much more in advance in light of the fact that I knew other brides that had their weddings later than mine had already booked their locations. I asked for a wedding coordinator 5-6 months before the wedding, so they gave me Maria Del Pilar Capilla Ramos, I believe she is a manager or something like that in Mexico. I speak Spanish, so she was able to help me with the reservation of my locations. I wanted to book The Tucan Terrace for my reception, but at that time that terrace was already booked, so she could only give me the Bugambilias Terrace or Terrace Venado or Lake Terrace. I chose the Terrace Venado because it was close to the water like the Tucan Terrace, however, the Terrace Venado is slightly smaller than the Tucan Terrace and much farther away from where they hold the beach weddings.

        Maria, helped me book the rehearsal location at the Arrecifes Restaurant, I wanted the terrace portion of the restaurant, she said the terrace was not available at that time, but that she would try to make it happen.

        She also sent me the DJ packet and the prices for Fireworks.

        She helped me tremendously and at the end of the day, she gave me my first choice which was the Tucan Terrace, and the terrace at the Arrecifes Restaurant for the rehearsal dinner. She also gave me a wonderful permanent wedding coordinator Rosy Lily Sanchez.


        90 days before the wedding, Rosy Lily Sanchez contacted me, she sent me a price list of items, a reservation form for Salon services.

        We did 100% of our communication via e-mail, I created a word document that contained an outline of everything I wanted with pictures of what I wanted, basically it looked like a business plan with pictures. See attachment on first page of thread. I color coordinated her responses, so every response she gave me to the entire document contained a different color and a legend at the top of the document which stated the color that corresponded with what date. My responses to her answers were also color coordinated (with the word doc highlighter). The document began as 4 pages, by the time of the wedding the document was 11 pages, which contained everything from the petals at the ceremony to how many champagne bottles we wanted at the cocktail hour, to the favor that was going to be placed at the reception.

        Would you mind posting the document in which you tracked all of your questions color coded? Thank you so much

        #104 udc22

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          Posted 05 September 2010 - 06:40 PM

          Great review.  This is very helpful.

          #105 LanaM

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            Posted 13 September 2010 - 07:38 PM

            Such a great review. I'm currently trying to decide between Dreams Riviera Cancun and Moon Palace and after reading this review I'm leaning towards MP much more. I wish I could open your attachments, I'm sure they are very helpful :)

            Alex & Lana
            Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort, Cancun Mexico

            #106 L&A2010

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              Posted 14 September 2010 - 05:54 PM

              Your pictures are beautiful.  Thanks for the review.

              #107 Caprice35

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                Posted 15 September 2010 - 06:30 PM

                Your dress is beautiful and I love your pictures.

                #108 Terpgurl

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                  Posted 19 October 2010 - 09:06 AM

                  What a beautiful wedding and the review was amazing! I hope to pay it forward like this when it's my turn. Wow, the more reviews I read, the more I am excited. Can May get here any faster? LOL

                  May 29th, 2011
                  Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort

                  #109 CynLovesLuis

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                    Posted 19 October 2010 - 05:05 PM

                    i have read this review at least a dozen times, thanks so much again!!

                    #110 nheche

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                      Posted 10 November 2010 - 04:24 PM

                      This was so helpful as my wedding is August 2011. I was questioning the centerpieces, considering bringing my own, but I am still unsure. Other than this you have really helped me make some big decisions. Thanks!

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