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Mom bought the dress & HATES the idea of TTD - do it anyway?

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WOW! BIG, GIGANTIC HUGS and THANKS for the advice from all of you beautiful, SMART ladies of the BDW!


On one hand, I want to keep the peace. On the other, I want to stay true to what my FI and I have envisioned for our wedding. I think the idea of suggesting that I show her a few samples of TTD pics is a brilliant way to go, so she fully understands that I am not "Trashing" or mutilating the dress, just getting it a little wet, and making some unique memories!


And we'll see how a cheapie-dress search goes (if I find something, I'll be sure to post what I come up with!)


(Oh, and to Billysbride, please stop saying you are harsh already -- you're advice is always direct, to the point, and greatly insightful! Keep it up, darlin!


High-fives to you all, (and I'll keep you posted on what happens)! I'll make my Mama come around if it's the last thing I do (or, if she doesn't like it, TOUGH!)

~ Christie :)

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My mother was the SAME way. She freaked out when I told her what I wanted to do with my dress ... called me crazy, disrespectful (my grandmother, her Mum, paid for my wedding dress) and wondered how I could even think to do that!!Plus she has some crazy " plan" for the dress after the wedding - God knows what that is ...


Anyways ... I let it slide in the beginning ... didn't bring it up too often and didn't fight back when she said I was crazy. Instead, I just let the idea sit with her ... she'd bring it up every now and then, asking if I was still "crazy" and then I showed her some TTD pics and showed her how nice it could really look ... and I also showed her some posts from girls on here who have said the ocean actually CLEANED their dresses!!!


Then she changed her tune and started to say the ocean was fine, she just didn't want me jumping in chlorinated water with the dress on. Hehehe


So, I think you should give her time to warm up to it. Don't fight her on it ... show her pics, some posts from girls on here and explain that you aren't actuallt TRASHING the dress ... like lighting it on fire or anything. LOL I think the name throws a lot of mothers off ...


Good luck though! And remember: In the end, this is YOUR day. It took me much too long to realize that ... do what YOU want and know that no matter what decision you make, your Mum is family and she's going to love you just the same at the end of the day, covered in sand and salt water or not. ;-)

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