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K&G...Linen outfits for Groom/Groomsmen

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#1 **~Jenn~**

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    Posted 18 April 2009 - 10:47 PM

    i just wanted to share what we found today and how we found it :-)

    So, I planned to have FI wear a tan/beige suite for the Wedding. The Groomsmen were going to wear their own Kahkis and I bought them white linen Guayaberas. The ring bearer was wearing a Linen Suit (Tan) that i bought from Childrens place and a White Guayabera, from Old Navy.
    Anyway...I bought all this stuff for the Groomsmen and Ring bearer thinking we can just go out one day and get FI's suit..No big deal.
    WELL...We went out today.
    Apparently it's really simple to find a tan/beige suite..Even a Linen one...If your not a Big guy :-(
    FI needs a Size 54 or 56 suit Jacket, and in Tan, It was impossible to find!!! We went to at least 5 stores in Jersey today.
    We started at K&G in Deptford and they had such nice Suits and reasonable prices...But eveything we liked, it didnt come in FI's size :-(
    I was really aggravated!!
    Finally, after 4 hours of shopping and no luck, we went back to K&G...We found this suit Jacket that he loved and it fit...But there wasnt a matching pair of pants for it..So we decide we are going to "make" a suit....I gotta say, we brought it together pretty well...But it just wasn't what I pictured. And I hated that the pants where darker then the Jacket..Even if the Tie brought it all together, it just wasnt working for me.
    FI's mom was buying him the Suit so she was with us and she really wanted that "fake" suite to work!! LOL
    Anyway, after running back and forth grabbing different sizes while FI was in the dressing room, I saw that they had linen short sleeve button down shirts and linen pants (they had a draw string, but also buttoned) in a bunch of colors.
    I grabbed a white shirt and pants and told FI to humor me and try it on.....
    He did and it looked pretty good. But I wasn't thrilled with him wearing all white, like me...LOL
    So i grabbed a black Linen shirt go with it and Damn, it looked really good!! It was very beachy, but still classy. And most of all FI was so comfortable and happy. I could definitely picture him in that outfit on our Wedding day :-)
    We found him a pair of Black shoes that really made the outfit and we were good to go.
    The linen outfits there are really nice and pretty cheap! The pants were $25 and the shirt was $20 or $25 (can't remember)
    Thy are perfect for a DW wedding. They had Black, White, Tan, Blue, & Orange. They also had Linen Suits in Tan and White that were really nice...Perfect actually, but I think the biggest jacket size was a 50. However, if your FI is smaller then mine, they would really be great for a DW wedding! :-)
    So now, FI is wearing his Black shirt and White pants...We changed the Groomsmens outfits up..LOL
    We bought them Black Linen pants to go with their White Linen Guayaberas and our Ring Bearer is still going to wear the White shirt and tan pants, but no Suit jacket. Him and the Flower girl are going to lok fabulous together!! :-)

    Anyway...I really just wanted to share my finds with you all tonight!!
    There are a couple of K&G's in Jersey (Deptford and Cherry Hill) I think there is one in Northeast Philly and I think even king of Prussia. I'm really not sure about other states, but it's definitely worth a look.

    I will post pics when I do my planning thread in June...I am trying not to post all of my pics until then (Except for my Dress, which has been on here both times..LOL)

    Happy Shopping Ladies :)
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    #2 FoxyBride

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      Posted 18 April 2009 - 11:27 PM

      My FI has the same problem. He wears a 52L suit. We've gotten sport coats for him at K&G before. Everything else has come from online. Ebay is a good place to look. For the wedding we ordered from Studiosuits.com, Custom Suits | Designer Suits. They do custom linen suits for $99. We want to see the quality first before we tell all the groomsmen to order but, hopefully it'll work out!

      #3 divadivine25

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        Posted 19 April 2009 - 10:29 AM

        Great find!
        FI got his suit from there, Sean John linen, and I love it! He's wearing off white and it matches my ivory dress perfectly! The GM are wearing tan linen pants and white button down shirts, they look so nice!

        #4 imapepper

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          Posted 03 May 2009 - 01:00 PM

          We went looking ALL over the place to find FI's attire. We ended up at Torre in Philly where he was able to find a white linen suit in his size (58L) for $179.99!!!! Because the suit was over $100, they gave us $30 off!!! We were so excited. We also purchased shoes from him there (Stacy Adams). Now, we just need to figure out what the guys will wear and what shirt the FI will wear and we are all set!


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