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RIU MB 4/4/09 Wedding Review w/proofs

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Who could ask for anything more...
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I am so thankful for this forum. I went to Jamaica expecting a good experience and received... had a GREAT experience.

This was our first time traveling with our daughter. So we arrived at the airport VERY late. I had to ask the supervisor to please let us on the flight. After explaining the policy of being on the island a certain amount of time before the ceremony, they let us on. WHEW! We purchased an extra seat for the baby so we had lots of room. The flight attendants were pleasant and helpful to us. You could tell we were new parents!! We left a little late but made up for the time in air. On our way home. We were on time and check in was smooth. The staff was great and helped us with special wrapping on some of the artwork we brought back.

After reading a review and seeing what a positive experience the other bride had with them I chose them for our excursions and airport transfers. Before leaving I called to make my reservation. I was told to have the reservation # and that there was a strict NO CASH policy at the airport desk. The rate was supposed to be $15 pp round trip. Of course, I left the reservation # in my wedding folder (AT HOME). When we got to the counter I was told $20 and asked to pay cash. When I informed her that I was told $15 and no cash- the woman disputed everything I said. So we paid and I asked for the main office #. At the hotel I dealt with more professional staff (Steve & Shomari) Steve told me that I was correct and he would see to it that I was refunded for the overpayment. I made arrangements for all of my family & friends to be transported from the airport to the resort. I gave all of my family the necessary information. Well, my sister was told they had no record of her transfer and was asked to pay cash. To avoid confusion, she paid and immediately informed me what happened. I went to Steve and again was promised a refund. Steve contacted his manager and I was told the women at the airport desk- would be reprimanded. The next day, my Aunt (who was wheel chair bound) was told they had no record of her transfer and was asked to pay cash and not given a receipt. To make this long story short, I had to speak with the GM Mr. Olas, was refunded the money and will never use JTL Tours. We canceled our other trips with them and just used the hotel taxi services. (Denvern was an excellent tour guide.)

Ricardo greeted us with a smile and punch. (Rum was available to spice it up.) I'm not sure if they're always so nice or if they were just in love with my baby Melanie. But each time we passed the front desk, they remembered our names and came from behind the counter to greet us. The staff at the hotel was AMAZING!!! Ricardo, Oneshia, Kawayne, Jeremy, Ingrid, Atrio, the list goes on. Some even attended our ceremony during their break. I can't say enough positive things about them. They were friendly and professional.

Our room was right in front of the beach gazebo and we were able to watch the 4 PM wedding that had just started when we arrived. It was so pretty that we decided to change from the plaza gazebo to the beach location. We left the maid staff tips and candy bars- they went out of their way to make sure that we had everything we needed and more.

Food at the resort was great. We wanted the full Jamaica experience and loved the selection of jamaican food everyday. I ate ackee and salt fish till my heart was content. We were able to get reservations for the Asian and Italian restaurants. Make reservations as soon as you arrive to avoid frustration. Some people were terribly upset when they tried to make reservations for the same day and were unable to get them. The Asian restaurant was ok. We left there and went to the buffet, which was having a seafood night. I stuffed myself with lobster tails. I never made it to the Italian restaurant and gave away my reservation. I enjoyed the Jerk Hut- couldn’t have to much (I’m still nursing). But it was good!!!


WC- Chantelle= A+
From the first time I contacted her (1 month before wedding date), she was prompt and polite. I want to preface this portion or the review by saying- that for the resources she has available- Chantelle does an excellent job. If she had the things she needed to run the department better she would (i.e., fax/copy machine in her office, an assistant, a walkie-talkie). I made the mistake of sending my documents using the USPS- she did not receive them at the hotel and assured me the paperwork would be done in time. Please send all correspondence to her using FED EX or UPS- they will deliver directly to the hotel. The front desk notified her that we were checking in and she came down to greet us as she was on her way back to the 4PM wedding site. We set a meeting time for the next morning. I was beginning to stress since I had left my wedding folder (music, etc…) she quickly put my mind at ease and told me to let her do her job. She found appropriate music, made the special arrangements that I wanted and I enjoyed my day. We did have one lil hiccup on the ceremony day. The wrong chairs had been setup and we had to delay the wedding start time as we waited for them to bring the correct chairs.

Best Images
DVD- Gary= A
He knows his stuff. He works well with babies. We had to paused the taping of the ceremony once as an airplane flew over but other than that I look forward to receiving our wedding DVD.

Photography- Michael= A+
Being a picture fanatic, I requested the head photographer package anyway. Maxine, the staff at the hotel desk guaranteed me that I was making a good choice. I LOVE MICHAEL and I love his work. After my husband, this was the next most important aspect of the day. Michael suggested we split our time for some sunset photos. I am so glad that I did. Michael is a phenomenal photographer.

Cake= A+
I paid extra to have carrot cake. It was delicious!

Staff= A
Quick and attentive
Food= A
Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.

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Great review. I remember Ricardo and Maxine from by trip. They were very nice to me and my guest. Sorry about your experience with Jamaica Tours. We used them for the transfers and everything went smoothly. You were a beautiful bride.

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YAY!! Love your review. Love the all-white wedding party, I love the two dresses... i just love it!!!! Can't wait to see more pix...hint hint hint.

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