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Originally Posted by Tlseege View Post
Technically, if we were in a group, I wouldn't mind Jonathan... as long as he brings along that awesome new couch!
No offense... but I'm a chicken to go by myself. Sorry.
I agree I'd feel much better if there were a bunch of girls around... although the first thing out of my FI's mouth would be "who took these?" He might kill me!

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I can't really do a group rate because of the expenses involved. I would either have to rent a studio, like Leigh did, or find a nice upper scale hotel suite.


I'm all about group shoots though. It makes things much easier for me and more comfortable for you. Even if we didn't do a group, you're encouraged to bring someone along with you.


My rate is similar to Leigh's. $500 for up to 2 hours of shooting. I'd be willing to work out some kind of print credit.

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Hello from another shy bride-to-be from Chicago! I'd love to pitch in for a group thing if interested and near Chicago - I'm sure we could get a better rate that way and it would seem less scary too I'm sure.

Let me know! Christy

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