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Who loves to Read???

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#11 **~Jenn~**

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    Posted 14 April 2009 - 02:15 PM

    I am a very big reader. My family and I share books.
    We love the Janet Ivanovich number Series. I swear I could read those books every day. If you want to laugh, Start this series!! The first book is "One is for...." I can't remember, but it starts at one..LOL

    I also love Jodi Picoult. Her books are awesome and always draw me in. One of my Favs are Vanishing Act and I just finished Picture Perfect which was really good

    Jennifer Weiner's books are fabulous (Good in Bed, In her Shoes..Etc...)

    And if you don't mind really religious books, Karen Kingsbury has an awesome series about an awesome family and their trials and tribulations.
    The first book is called "Redemption" I believe. Like I said, they are really religious, However...I didn't mind at all. She tells an awsome story and you will cry during every book, I swear :-)

    And last but not least...Although I don't read her books anymore, she is the author who got me into reading so much...Danielle Steele!!
    Her books are all the same, but I love every one.
    Daddy was the first book I ever picked up of hers and it was love ever since..lol :-)

    I'd like to read something Borrowed..I may have to go out and get that one :)
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    #12 ddiinnyyeell

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      Posted 14 April 2009 - 02:22 PM

      Oh Good In Bed was great!
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      #13 KatyKo

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        Posted 14 April 2009 - 02:48 PM

        I just started reading "Shadow of the Wind" per a suggestion of a co-worker - I haven't gotten far enough into to say whether it is good or not, but he raved about it and I trust his judgment.

        I read "Secret Life of Bees" and absolutely loved it. I also really loved "Water for Elephants."

        I also just finished "The Art of Keeping Secrets" by a lady who I believe is from South Carolina. It was a great book, although I found 5 errors in spelling/grammar. I hate when that happens. That sounded really type A of me - but I was just casually reading - you would think that editors would catch these things.

        #14 ebredhawk

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          Posted 14 April 2009 - 03:48 PM

          I am addicted to Twilight (like so many of you!!) and am proud to admit it! Some of my female coworkers and I even talk about the weird vampire dreams we have and how we forget that it's not real sometimes! A little sad, yes, but I'm fine with it!

          Lately I have been addicted to David Baldacci... I was driving back and forth between Cincinnati and Pittsburgh for work and listening to his books made the time fly by!

          On the more "girly" side, Sarah Strohmeyer is wonderful. My favorites of her are:
          -The Cinderella Pact
          -The Sleeping Beauty Proposal
          -Sweet Love (cupcake on the cover, mmmm!)
          She also writes the "Bubbles" series which I hear are good, but I haven't gotten into those yet.

          #15 Mrs.Hockey

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            Posted 14 April 2009 - 03:51 PM

            Thanks everyone..I just placed an order on Amazon! I'm going to start with the Emily Griffin series....

            #16 ~*Lisa*~

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              Posted 14 April 2009 - 04:15 PM

              OH! I also love Jodi Picoult. She's a great writer, I love the way she tells her stories which are all so different/interesting.

              I also like reading Dean Koontz and John Saul - for the more weird/scary/bizzare books.

              Harry Potter series is also great and I plan on reading them again soon.

              #17 Latinhunny33

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                Posted 14 April 2009 - 04:34 PM

                Twilight Series
                Sookie Stackhouse Series
                Little Earthquakes
                Love & Other Impossible Pursuits
                Dogs of Babel
                The Dirty Girls Social Club
                Make Him Look Good

                I could go on & on.

                #18 jk1101

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                  Posted 14 April 2009 - 04:34 PM

                  If you liked the Twilight series, read the other book the author wrote called The Host. It's her "Adult" book. It was very different but also good. If you like suspense/mysteries get anything by Lisa Jackson...I end up getting them at CVS or Walgreens on sale. The last 2 I read were Absolute Fear and Left to Die.

                  #19 Goldstein to Be

                  Goldstein to Be
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                    Posted 14 April 2009 - 04:34 PM

                    Janet Ivanovich is great!
                    I'm also a fan of the Twilight series (I took two sick days so that I could read them all back to back. Recently, I read Water for Elephants which was good. For my book club I'm reading Time Travelers Wife. It is fantastic! I highly recommend it.

                    Have you guys checked out paperbackswap.com. The selection isn't always great, but it's a good way to get books for cheap.

                    #20 ~*Lisa*~

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                      Posted 14 April 2009 - 04:52 PM

                      Originally Posted by Goldstein to Be
                      Janet Ivanovich is great!
                      I'm also a fan of the Twilight series (I took two sick days so that I could read them all back to back.
                      HAHAHA!! I did that last week for book 2! It was great!! :)

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