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NEED HELP ! Only 19 days to go and looking for a plan B ! LONG SORRY

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#1 Ayita

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    Posted 13 April 2009 - 11:41 PM

    All right, I've already written to my wedding planner who, THANKS GOD is external and not from the hotel, but at this point in time ANY HELP is welcome !

    We're having major issues with the hotel. Basically, they are coming back on everything that has been agreed not only when we went down there in December, but also since then in our numerous e-mail communications.

    We had been clear from the beginning we could not fill up the hotel, and that we would commit to 15 rooms. It was also clear from the beginning that even if we had wanted to privatize, we could not have, as they already had one room booked for the night of our wedding. The manager and wedding planner were super cool, discussed how the non-wedding guests would be placed in the rooms farther away from the restaurant to avoid them being too disturbed, how they would put tables in the spa area for them to have a private dinner and for us to have a private reception, plus all the details of the wedding.

    The first problems we encountered came in February. The wedding planner would not answer my mails any more. After a month (from Jan 31 to March 6 !) of being extremely patient, sending email over email, I called, just to learn that she had quit. Nobody even cared to inform me. I was told I could wait for the next planner, or hire somebody from the exterior.

    With my wedding being only 7 weeks away, I did not want to wait, and hired somebody I had been in touch with before. She handled everything super rapidly, and in like 4 weeks everything was ready.

    Also 7 weeks before the wedding date, I sent a mail to the hotel saying we only needed 5 more rooms, that I understood if they would release them all but that it would be cool if they could still hold on to 5. I got no answer.

    Then last week, just past the deadline when you cannot cancel the rooms any more... it begun. First, they asked us to pay for the empty rooms. Well, they did not really ask us : they wrote to my TA, but not to me !! We told them we were not going to do, as it was not agreed at first, we even crossed it out from the commitment letter. We had told them to release the rooms 7 weeks before, and on top of this, the rooms were already sold over the internet (I have one guest that booked online !!). They presented this to us : for your wedding to be private... and we're only 30 days before... you're kidding me. They just wanted money for no good reason.

    Seeing they were not getting there, they started to get awful. On everything. They called my TA and told her she would not receive her commission fee. They sent us a mail saying fine, but everything has to be over at 11pm. 11pm ! On a Saturday night ! That's the end of the dinner !! It means there is no party !

    Now they won't send the contract over, probably to avoid us discovering more stuff. I learnt today from my WC that they are asking her a 10% commission fee !! For the first time today, less than 3 weeks before the wedding ! She is outraged (and the worst, she had worked with them before and no such thing happened). They also told her (again, not me), that we would have only 7 appetizers per person at the cocktail (instead of 7 per person per hour, which I'm paying for), that we would have no complimentary drink upon arrival (the normal stuff) but that they would "offer it to us after the ceremony in order to follow up good services"... Of course we don't need a complimentary drink at the same time than the open bar ! Just say you cancel it !

    The alleged reason for not sending the contract : we had a choice of entrees, we were supposed to pick them the day before... well now we have to chose NOW and it has to be IN THE CONTRACT ! Of course, they want to order the fish now so that we eat it rotten B***S***

    That's just really picking on everything but I'm afraid it could get much worse once there... it also really, really makes me NOT WANT to get married there and give them my business !

    I tried to stay positive over the last 10 days, but it's only getting worse and worse. Crying should not be part of the planning process - and I'm crying every day now.

    So we are already stuck with the rooms, but it's easy to get a bus and get everybody some place else... as my WC is external I have everything ready... and transportable ! The only thing I need is a venue, with a beach, food, and waiters. It can be a private villa and a caterer. I can be a restaurant or a bar on the beach. It can be a beach club. It can be even a more accomodating hotel venue.

    They probably think they've got me because I paid a retainer of 1,500$ and everybody is staying at the hotel, but believe me, I'm ready to let go of that retainer and even pay more for the place I'll go to - provided it's not with them !

    Please help me ! Tell me if I'm crazy to want to move the whole thing 19 days before - that I should just go party somewhere else after dinner - or if I'm right and if so, give me ideas !!!

    The hotel is between Puerto Morelos ad Playa del Carmen.

    Now let me go get drizzy

    #2 starchild



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      Posted 14 April 2009 - 12:11 AM

      Wait, so you never saw the contract throughout this whole process?

      #3 nibsmom

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        Posted 14 April 2009 - 12:14 AM

        Ayita! That sounds awful! I wouldn't want to deal with that crap either!!!

        I don't have any suggestions because I've never been to Mexico...but I'm sure you'll find a place!! I bet your WC will have some great suggestions and contacts and will be able to help you find a new place if you decide to go that route!

        #4 Jacilynda

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          Posted 14 April 2009 - 12:21 AM

          OMG I'm soooo sorry to hear this, this is unacceptable! I would be crying everyday too! Have you talked to WC about it, do they have any suggestions?

          i will definitely start looking now for some ideas hun!

          #5 big3n09

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            Posted 14 April 2009 - 12:22 AM

            OMG! I sure hope somebody has a recommendation for a place in that area. I understand how you feel and I hate paying or patronizing places that have sucky customer service. This is a very big day for you and they should be more accomodating than their being. Times are hard and brings out the worst in some people. I know it's easier said than done but try not to stress it will help you be able to think clearer. I wish you the best of luck and hope you still have a wonderful day regardless of those A$$ Holes.
            4/1/11 in St. Kitts at the Marriott I married my best-friend!!!

            #6 purrfected

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              Posted 14 April 2009 - 01:07 AM


              I am so sorry to hear of your troubles with the resort. This is such a sad story. I feel so bad for you. How many people are in your group. I stayed at a villa near PM a few years ago. There are beautiful private villas in the area. I am sure you TA will be able to find you some. We stayed in a rather small (3 bdr) villa. But right down the road there were huge villas that looked like mansions! They were beachfront and gorgeous. The name of the villa that we stayed at was "Casa Martia." I am looking for the website and info for the owner. She was so sweet and may be able to put you in contact with one of the owners of the villas that are near her. I will PM you the info after I find it. I know I have it, I just have to look.

              Don't worry. It will all work out and you will have a beautiful wedding.


              #7 MarieSam

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                Posted 14 April 2009 - 02:55 AM

                Aww Ayita, damn them, I am pissed for you!!! It is so unacceptable that they are doing this to you especially so close to your wedding day and I don't blame you for wanting to take your business elsewhere. I'm cursing them to hell and flippin the bird for you.

                First, as much as you want to strangle these people, take a deep breath and stay confident that everything will work out ok. Being part of BDW is probably the best thing because there are so many girls on here with lots of resources and ideas to fall back on.

                Now if I remember correctly you've got family coming from Paris right? So how many guests are we talking here?

                I did a lot of searching for non-resort venues during my inital planning stages so there are a couple places that come to mind. Let me preface this by saying, I did not want to spend a crapload of money so I was looking for something beautiful, private but affordable that would still be customized to my needs.

                Here are some suggestions I think of off the top of my head that won't break the bank since you will already be losing your deposit because of those dumb $hits:

                1) My wedding venue -- the CEA Center in Akumal catered by Turtle Bay Cafe. Here's my link with pics and details: http://bestdestinati...om/forum/t31355

                -- Pros: you can totally customize your menu and they have EXCELLENT food at very reasonable prices and also have their own baker for cakes, venue is totally private with no time limits on length of reception, gorgeous beach, no outside vendor fees, location fee is is $500 donation to the Ecological program so its for a great cause, reasonable rates for decor/table/chair rentals, you can provide your own alcohol (save tons by buying in bulk at Costco, Sams Club, etc.) and hire their bartenders at $75/each plus glassware and ice charge of $5/per person (trust me this saves you tons of money on an open bar option), gorgeous candle wall that makes for exquisite pics

                -- Cons: no air-conditioning as it is an open-air building with wooden shutters but does have huge ceiling fans and lots of ocean breeze, when you see the place from the outside it looks "simple/ghetto" lol but believe me it is so authentic and beautiful once decorated (my family would talk so much $hit if we picked a place that was less than impressive). This location is about 30 minutes from Playa del Carmen so you will need to bring your guests over -- PM me if you want some info on a GREAT transportation company that offers shuttle/bus service (we are friends with the owner and I can see if he'll cut a deal for you).

                2) Blue Parrot in Playa del Carmen -- I think there a couple brides on here that have used this venue and have had good things to say. This definitely would be a contender had I not found my place. Here's a link to those threads:



                3) Rent a villa --there are so many fabulous places to hold your wedding. Some may come with a price tag, but you will certainly have a private venue all your own. I would check into locations in Akumal, which tend to be cheaper because Akumal is a smaller, quiet town but no doubt beautiful. We are staying at Casa Romero, which I know host weddings but unfortunately it looks like they are already booked on your date.

                There is also another bride on here getting married at Villa Sol y Luna, which looks incredible. She is using Turtle Bay Cafe for her caterers, so I know they allow outside vendors. Here's a link to their website: Villa Sol y Luna

                4) Lol Ha Restaurant in Akumal -- there is at least one other bride on here getting married in Akumal and having their reception at Lol Ha (Jacilynda), which is Akumal's most popular restaurant. I've never eaten here but all their reviews are fabulous. You can have a private reception at their palapa hut and they do allow outside vendors. Here's a page with a little bit of details and the contact person for that venue:

                Weddings in Akumal - Hotel Akumal Caribe

                I hope some of these will at least get you on the road to looking at some options. And again, I have full confidence that everything will fall into place. Please let us know if there's anything else we can help you with, no bride should be put under such pressure so close to their wedding. So we BDW brides are here to help

                #8 jessbgauvin

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                  Posted 14 April 2009 - 06:27 AM

                  Ayita - I am so sorry that you are going through this. I say go for it and depend on your WC. You can totally get it together in the time you have and it will be AWESOME!
                  My pride and joy, son Nick:

                  #9 BachataBride

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                    Posted 14 April 2009 - 08:27 AM

                    Wow...what a great help MarieSam!! I'm sure Ayita is going to appreciate it so much!!!

                    Ayita...I am so sorry you are going through this. I'm sure your WC will pull through...and please let me know if there is anything I can do!
                    Good Luck sweetie!

                    #10 tylersgirl

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                      Posted 14 April 2009 - 08:46 AM

                      Ayita-I am so sorry you are going through this right before your special day! I am sending you positive vibes. MarieSam's advice sounds wonderful! Good luck with everything. :hugs:

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