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Activities for Guests

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Originally Posted by host View Post
kash, no joke but we had a guest (of steve's) that slept on the beach in a tent in front of dreams and would hang out with us at the pool. maybe if your guests came in via the beach they wouldn't be noticed.
Talk about cheap accomodations!

Seriously though, I think I should be able to find a way to get everyone on the property...

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Originally Posted by host View Post
kash, no joke but we had a guest (of steve's) that slept on the beach in a tent in front of dreams and would hang out with us at the pool. maybe if your guests came in via the beach they wouldn't be noticed.
We have a guest who wanted to camp! But I was like ummmmmm you need a shower. (He is in the wedding!) In the end, I found him a room in a private villa for $35/night. He better not complain cause that is CHEAP. :)

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I posted this on my website for our guests:


Activities in Los Cabos


The concierge at Casa del Mar can assist with any of the following (and more). Feel free to contact him at (88cool.gif 227 9621 or via e-mail at concierge@casadelmarmexico.com


CABOREY Luxury Cruise Ship - Come to the Caborey and enjoy an exquisite, world-class dining experience. Whether you choose the scrumptious chateaubriand cooked to perfection or the delicate Sea Bass bathed in white wine sauce, your palate will be treated to a blend of tastes unequaled in Los Cabos. All this as you cruise past the famous Arch, Lover´s Beach, up the pacific coast and then to beautiful Medono Bay aboard Cabo´s most luxurious vessel. National full open bar is included. Dinner cruise Price - $82. Tour length 2:30hrs. Margarita Cruise $55.


Snorkeling and Sunset Cruises on a Catamaran


Snorkeling - Departing from the Marina in Cabo San Lucas, we start sailing to an amazing preserve area for snorkeling, on the way you will have the opportunity to see beautiful combination of desert and sea, along with views of some of the finest golf courses around the world. This beautiful excursion is a very complete package, that includes full snorkeling gear, lunch, national open bar. $49 per person. Approximately 3 hours.


Three Bay Crusade - Kayak from the Twin Dolphin to the colorful pristine waters of Santa Maria bay, here we make our first snorkeling stop. From Santa Maria we continue by kayak through the Sea of Cortez arriving to El Chileno bay. On this second snorkeling excursion we will discover many exotic tropical fish, found only in this underwater beautiful world. These bays outlined by white sand beaches are the place to look for crystal blue waters - incredible for kayaking and snorkeling. Kayaks, snorkel gear, cold beverages, fresh fruit, snacks, expert tour guide and transportation are included. Pick-up time at Casa del Mar: 8:30am. 3 Hours - $55 per person.


Cabo Pulmo, Marine Park - Home to the only coral reef in Baja also on the north America side. Cabo Pulmo offers the most beautiful bays in the cape region. Jacques Cousteau proclaimed “The aquarium of the world." The adventure begins with a drive through the desert and coast with incredible sightseeing. We arrive at our Base Camp and get ready for the kayaking expedition to the sea lion colony. Snorkel with the sea lions and jump back to kayak to Playa La Sirenita, a secluded and secret beach with the best snorkeling. Kayak across these crystal blue waters while sightings of manta rays and whales make this expedition an unforgettable experience. Kayaks, snorkel gear, healthy breakfast, catered lunch, cold beverages, fresh fruit, snacks, expert tour guide and transportation are included. Pick-up time at Casa del Mar: 7:30am. 8 Hours for $105 per person.


Horseback Riding - Enjoy the beautiful Beach or Mountain rides on healthy well-trained Horses. Riding lessons available. One Hour Ride is $35.00. Two Hours is $55.


Hiking “La Sierra†- The desert is transformed as earth ascends 7000 feet to pure pine forest. Baja was submerged in water millions of years ago, today rich in wildlife – flora and fauna - culture and geologic phenomena. Endemic species all around. Waterfalls: Take a deep breath, dive and swim in these natural spring pools surrounded by incredible rock formations. You will not believe the outdoors.


Canyons: Hike these winding canyons traversed by Indians hundreds of years ago. Journey to the past as you learn the wonderful history of Baja in a local Rancho. Climb the branches of a gigantic wild fig tree.


Fossils: Do you believe that Baja was submerged under water? Take a close look and you will find incredible fossils and more fossils. Millions of years of prehistoric life. In a full day, we go to different locations (waterfalls and fossils, canyon and fossils) for our hiking. We stop in the town of Santiago – an oasis in the desert – and we have breakfast and lunch surrounded by cactus. You can hike as long as you want, you are going to find incredible surprises along the way. Maybe 30 min. to the first pool and slides.


Healthy breakfast, catered lunch, cold beverages, (Half a Day tour: only beverages and snacks), expert tour guide and transportation are included. Pick-up time at Casa del Mar: 8:00am. 8 Hours for $85.00 per person


City Tour - The best way to discover the paradise of Baja California Landâ€s End. The tour begins in San José del Cabo´s bird sanctuary, colonial town, and residential area. You will continue through the Corridor to admire the hotels along the highway, the pristine beaches, and golf courses until you arrive at Cabo San Lucas to visit the Blown Glass Factory and to take a great ride on a glass bottom boat to the Landâ€s End. Shopping time included. 6 Hours for $49.00 per person


Todos Santos You will be taken into the heart of the rugged beauty of Baja. Your stop will be at Todos Santos a charming colonial town where foreign artists have decided to live and get inspired by the beauty of the Baja Peninsula. A visit to Hotel California, the mission and the plaza will precede the visit to the Galleries in town. 6 Hours for $45.00 per person


Scuba Diving Discover the aquarium of the world here in Los Cabos. Diving resort certification courses, open water referrals, Scuba diving, PADI certification courses, advanced dive master and specialty courses and snorkel gear are also available to you.


Certified Divers - including tanks, weights, boat, dive master and refreshments.

1 Tank Dive - $50.00 per person

2 Tank Dive - $75.00 per person

3 Tank Dive - $95.00 per person

1 Tank Night Dive - $65.00 per person


Equipment - $20.00 per person(rental equipment w/tour)


Non Certified Divers- Including equipment, boat, dive master, refreshments and instructor or guide.

Resort Course - 100.00 per person (1 Tank)

Snorkeling - $45.00 per person - Lunch and Snorkel gear included

Without lunch - $40.00 per person

Snorkel Gear - $10.00 per person


Certification Courses - including Equipment, manual, boat, instruction and PADI certification Card.

Open Water Diver (Full) - $430.00 per person

Open Water Diver (Referral)- $235.00 per person

Advanced open Water Diver - $330.00 per person

Rescue Diver - $375.00 per person

Dive Master - $600.00 per person


ATV´S TOUR Outdoor Adventure in Cabo behind the wheel of a powerful ATV. Enjoy an exciting waterfront adventure to El Tule arroyo, Migriño or the beachfront sand dunes of San Jose del Cabo. Or take a desert ride, guided by an experienced naturalist, through breathtaking mountain scenery. Tours offered at 9:00 a.m, 12.30 p.m and 4:00 p.m Transportation to / from Casa del Mar is included.


RATES 3-Hours tour single $55-70 USD 3-Hours tour Double $75-80


Extreme Canopy tour - At the Costa Azul canyon you can take part in a exciting adventurous cable rides high above the river canyon while suspended safely in a harness. You will fly across the trails and rivers of this incredible area. Please wear comfortable clothing (A-T shirt, shorts, and running shoes are ideal). A small backpack or fanny pack to contain personal items can be worn and will not interfere in the enjoyment of your flight high above the Costa Azul canyon. Minimum age: 7 years old, maximum weight: 250 pounds. Transportation is included.


Cabo Dolphins - If you've ever dreamed of swimming with dolphins, here's your chance to turn your dreams into reality! Cabo Dolphins offers people of all ages the rare opportunity to swim and play with beautiful Pacific Bottlenose dolphins while visiting Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Cabo Dolphins is one of the most exclusive and beautiful dolphin centers in the world, featuring state-of-the-art facilities and a friendly family of Pacific Bottlenose dolphins! Daily at our Dolphin Center in Cabo San Lucas.

Length of Tour: 30 minutes. Price: $165 USD

Minimum age 5. Children under 10 must be accompanied by a paying adult. Life vests provided for your safety must be worn. Please do not wear sunscreen or jewelry.


Obligatory Legal Disclaimers All prices are in U.S. currency, subject to change without prior notice. All above rates exclude 10% tax. Activities might suffer changes according to season or weather conditions. The activities off Hotel grounds are provided by independent vendors. Casa del Mar Golf Resort & Spa does not assume responsibility for management of these independent operations.


After reserving, cancellation policies will apply according to the policies set by the suppliers.

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